Royalstaff Royal by Nthwesane Kautlwale

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If one believes in reincarnation, then I would say that this person was sent back from his past life to come and complete his unfinished business and that’s how one can explain that he’s a humanitarian, a Botho, a Craftsman and a Renaissance Spirit. Kgosi Kautlwale was born in a small village of Manamakgoteng Moruleng in the North West. He had a mysterious childhood. He stumbled about at an early age and started walking when he was around 3 years old. A little boy, who hardly said much and who was mindful of his thoughts and his own creators. He changed his name to Thibedi at the age of 7, later realizing that it was his esoteric name, after his great ancestor, father to his fathers.

A Self-Educated jeweler, rooted furniture creator and a designer. Main Stream School couldn’t keep him contained and he dropped out of the institution after six months. He created his own Path and his own way, he crafted and beaded it. Ngwana Badimo. (Child of his ancestors). From bead to bead he came into existence.

The owner of the brand Royalstaff (patla ya segosi) specializes in African contemporary design an elegant jewelry for more information contact:

Facebook/Instagram: Royalstaff Royal

WhatsApp-contact number: 0825497906


Henny C (Milika) Story Board

Its about two unique people who lived in a beautiful space that was never discovered by human beings. They lived happily with no hardship living and enjoying what nature brought to them. Until one-day things changed after a certain tribe invaded their place and kidnapped them. They were taken to a place where there was a ruthless king who showed no mercy, his son and his daughter-in-law was leading the army that kidnapped the two unique humans-like creatures. The king ordered that the two be killed at sunset, but before that could happen, the daughter-in-law felt sorry for the two creatures and she had to make a very hard decision to release the two. She sneaked them away so they may escape,she even managed to give back the neckpiece that fell during the hustle while they were being captured.

  • The music video was shot at Granskop Beach island in Mpumalanga, directed by Sandiso Cossa of Jot ice productions.
  • Story written by Janine Chauke and Henny C
  • We had Ishmael Baloyi AkA Mr amazing to dress the cast
  • Passionfruit was the one who did the makeup for the main actress and Madelaine Snyman Coetzee who did the makeup for the ruthless king’s tribe
  • And the beautiful traditional jewelry was by RoyalStaff Royal

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