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Seeing the Jazz Fruit

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Living in a rapidly and constantly changing world of music, as practitioners, singers and instrumentalists, being well informed is a necessity. By fulfilling this, it creates fertile ground and a firm foundation for being successful in their artistry. It is indubitably sensible to applaud and acknowledge the dynasty of musicians that incessantly, in valour and passion, impart valuable and priceless knowledge, and take time to mentor emerging young aspiring musicians. The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Music Workshop entity hosted this year’s edition at the iconic Jo’burg Theatre

Packed to capacity, students, learners and fanatics attended the workshop to gain invaluable experience and knowledge from bantam titans of the jazz community. Opening the session, one dithyrambic Carlo Mombelli focused on rhythm with valour, finesse and fervent passion. Mombelli entertained while navigating through decades of playing the bass guitar. Carlo’s elements of sound and rhythm formation gave insight, and teaches that jazz is still the father of many genres. He also added layers on why the bass remains a fundamental when notating and composing music. Incineration, the palate for learning and building intrigue and interest, had the guitarist Billy Monama at helm. For the longest time he has researched the heritage, history and origins of the South African Jazz scene. Here, the different styles and epochs are revisited, succinctly contextualised and cooperated with today’s sound.

Ablazing, as it were, the crackle and sparkle carried on throughout with Titi Luzipho. She is an effortlessly agile singer and vocalist and a natural teacher .The chemistry between herself and Monama is a dulcet and unrelenting act

.Shifting the day from chart reading and instrumentalists, Nonthemba Madumo and KentZero as accomplished disc jockeys have given techniques, methods and basics on how to become excellent crafters beyond jazz mixing. Suffice to add, through the session learners showed interest in becoming disc jockeys.

In closing the session on a superlative note, the fiery and well appreciated Zöe Modiga was well received by younglings. Unpacked harmony whilst adding insight. Being a scholar at a particular instance, Modiga in detail gave why it is important to understand the business facet of the music fraternity. She further extrapolated and guided on how to conduct and handle business aspects and maintain brand placement when ascending to greater heights of one’s career.

A musical showcase by unblemished learners and students closed the curtain. A notable student is Kelebogile who grabbed a chance to shine after an immaculate unrehearsed vocal flex covering the Winston Mankunku Ngozi classic Yakhal’inkomo, along with Luzipho and Monama. This proves that indeed there is still an enormous interest in jazz by our youth.

The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Music Workshop is one of the outstanding convergences of emerging musicians and practitioners. It would be excellent if these classes could be extended on a regular basis and stretched out to other provinces, and more stakeholders be brought on board.

All participating guests and facilitating musicians will be partaking at the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival, set to take place on 29 and 30 September 2023 at the Sandton Convention Centre and its precinct.

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