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Sexual gratification

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by Steven Kgosiemang

Sexual gratification is the only fundamental superior feature that every living soul is after,  just to have a true “End “.  No one does anything if it doesn’t bring at least some amount of pleasure and at least does not pamper an ego and some redundant self esteem.

On that note of enjoyment and delights, we’re on to shattering the meat tunnel, log jamming, having her/him administer a hot beef injection, we talking boning, humping, climbing Mount Pork-o-lay-la, we talking getting laid; beating the p#!*y up, cleaning the pipes, pouring in the dish, roll in the hay and however you choose to label sex.  Sex feels good just like popping that bottle of Moet Chandon while you not celebrating anything at all and you just get to relish, feeling of bubbles crumping and popping on a tongue at the same time sipping from it as if it were water coming from an unclogged faucet and sex is marvelous like that and with that notion in mind, you have to make a clean breast, Tiger Woods noticed and admitted to that too and became a real life golfer outside the field.

Considering its goodness which is currently judged by the motion of the ocean, the sway of bodies imitating snakes, the size and length of the lingam and the width and depth of the yoni, the whole story is evolution and progress gets and want us to do it so, which off in most cases it is beside the point.  It is beside the point because only one soul is focused on own satisfaction… maybe the other one left wondering “is that it?” and the other one having a smile that wraps around the ears after he slammed, dunked and thanked the madam after.

If sex didn’t feel good we would not be here, we would not be multiplying like mushroom while seventeen and eighteen year olds doing it like rabbits in their schools inside closed closets and mother’s legroom and wives and girlfriends waiting for their hubbies to leave and boom another dude with a Mendoza sized lingham steps in and rams her bad and vice-versa…

This sex thing is more than just two souls in a bed or that cream corner L-shaped chaise lounge, back set of my jeep doing it like Kelly; it is not about Yes pure intimacy lubricants or Jasmine Absolute oils and candles with warm odors so sweet that they can have more impact on the subconscious and emotions and that scent luring one to have bra lets and pushups with matching strings flying all over the place; not forgetting anxiety as a powerful aphrodisiac super-charging the sex to create an amazing physical chemistry and have two bodies maybe three speaking a language only apparent to them, it is about the true end which is pure blunt fun and pleasure period! And not how society and roots painted the picture left it black and white.

With what society has confirmed! with males it is about spread of genes, with ladies it is driven by emotions for closure and other reasons like trapping one another maybe not… and not forgetting that after a sweaty session it could make things better or worse between the parties involved in the adventure of bump and grinding, leaving someone out of two to cling on to that (goodness of sex) as sign that there must be something right and wonderful maybe wrong or awful about the other soul involved, subsequent to that… it is mental battles! Am I loved or felt? was I good or not?, will I get called after I leave etc you just have to wonder why?…this mental battles fought are in most cases felt by woman mixing good sex with love and security as if it is some exotic cocktail from the Caribbean and no offence at all ladies as the same thing happens to guys that become wuss-bags just after a three minutes session.

Just for a slight closure and to be a little bit of the mark yet still hitting the mark of pleasure, here is what! For males and females mostly fellas…he he…bearing in mind that your looks don’t count that much!

To get laid and really get laid as the alpha male/female and to ensure success and pleasure for yourself as the TRUE-END, you need some slickness mixed with some persuasiveness and smoothness that will equal you being seen as spontaneous.  You need to be a little high flying, shower with a little bit of pompousness.  You need to have a sense of self-worth, be superficially charming.  You need to have a makeshift-rough and ready do it yourself attitude, be prepared to face challenges while challenging the mental of your prey, include a little bit of modesty too and don’t come out as too predictable.  You need to have a clear clever word play and sound like a sweet melody on what you say (bedroom voice).  Do not go too safe as people flourish on spur-of-the-moment behaviour.  Affirm you have a list of enticing anecdotes and your wardrobe has to be at least up to the minute and when you wearing you dressed to the nines, then you guaranteed the pleasure that will leave you buddies dripping with saliva from opened mouths.

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