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"I am a little bit of everything all rolled into one.I am a lover,I am a child, I am a mother,I am a sinner, I am a saint. I do not feel ashamed.I am your hell, I am your dream, I am nothing in between." "I am the past you know nothing bout. The future you cannot ignore."

Sexuality in relation to Consciousness

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Sexuality is an ambiguous mode of existence which finds expression in the world. It is an original form of intentionality, done consciously to gain pleasure. Sex is not unique, it’s a natural act that has existed since eternity for are all here through the act, though many do not want it mentioned. Sexuality is an integral part of human identity and thought. It is continuously present and is not limited to the mind and body. All spheres of human life are one (emotions, intelligence and mobility). The sacredness of the act draws the line between virgins and whores.

Giving and receiving genital stimulation fuels creativity and reconnects ones expansive areas. If much thought and time was given to the act, human beings would respect the joy and intensity of sexual experiences. It is not about quantity but quality.

In 1976 a man called Vic Baranco gave a woman a 3hour orgasm. That is quite awesome to think about, that I want to cry! When a man undresses a woman and grabs her sensitive points before continuing to randomly thrust away, one cannot help but wonder what contributes to this ignorance of celebrating sensuality and exploring sexuality. Sex must be an occasion not a chore. The value of a relationship between lovers is not measured by the necessity to always be all over one another, but rather the connection and satisfaction of their intellectual, emotional and physical attraction to one another. When these areas are fulfilled, the sexual experiences are most likely to be mind-blowing as there is a path that leads to this sexual connection. This where the term “no strings attached” derives from. I t is very difficult to continually have sex with someone who only stimulates you in one way, so the shallow ones among us choose to eat the sweet and return the wrapper.

People’s attitudes impact on their sense of sensuality and sexuality. Society has always given sex a negative connotation as (anyone who has engaged in a passionate sexual intercourse will tell you) it’s too good to be true and carries many responsibilities. The beauty of the act is more than worldliness can offer and has to connect the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental spaces-a gateway to emancipation to a stream of consciousness that stamps its legacy in blushed faces and conceiving. Its aftermath has created communities and societies and turned the world into what we know it to be today.

African culture and religion celebrate sexuality but tends to want to limit it to re-production. In other cases, women have little say in determining their sexual experiences and are labeled when they are open about their sexual preferences. This is different from the French and Russians whose women see nothing wrong with initiating sex, and enjoy good health and weight.
I feel troubled because sex has been changed to be used in force, conflict and limitation. Sexual experiences are contractive in nature. Not everyone identifies sex with pleasure as it is supposed to be. An estimated 1 in 4 women are raped every day. Children are sexually abused by friends and relatives on a daily basis. Young men and women who stoop at the corners of desperation use sex to make a living. Stimulants lead people to unleash their animalistic characteristics and engage in wild sex. Promiscuity is the order of the day since shallowness has derailed people from differentiating between the appreciation of attractiveness and the gullibility of the sexual organs. Media bombards us with information of love being entirely sexual, that we’ve ceased to believe that the simplicity of conversation, spending innocent time with people and connecting in other ways other than between the legs exist. Ja, sex seems to fill a void at the time. The gratification of the moment takes one to higher grounds and elevates their stature until they…come.
I would confidently say that sexuality is one of the most exploited energies in the world.

I know some people who’ve made the difficult decision to be celibate for they respect their worth and the energies that revolve around the act. But what about (those of us) who appreciate sensuality? It’s not as simple as ABC, for the only person you can trust is yourself (hopefully). A lot of issues lie between sex and undisturbed pleasure. I can name dignity, HIV/AIDS, STIs, unwanted pregnancies. It is not simply about being and enjoying; modernity and evolvement has shifted it away from that.

The “bang, thank you ma’am/sir” era is hitting on us and is increasingly becoming open and accepted, that there is a steady increase of sexual promiscuity, unwanted pregnancies and disease. A person of good stead knows, appreciates and respects their sensuality and sees it as a contributing factor to their sanity and overall health. There is a very thin line between sensuality and sexuality and very few people can embrace sensuality, for there isn’t enough information accessible to people to learn about it nor do they put any effort to harness it. It is not entirely about intimate organs but the beauty of conversation, touch, respect and gentleness. I think we must stop being uptight and technical about real-life issues and start being dutifully honest about sexuality and what it entails. Experimentation (as long as it’s safe) and appreciation is what opens up to unforgettable experiences. I hate pretending I don’t have or enjoy sex (or make love if you please) because everyone who’s been around the block can tell I do. I have a beautiful son and I am always glowing.

Why should a well endowed and beautiful adult woman like me be embarrassed of her sexuality and not flaunt her sensuality? Sexuality and consciousness have a connection that the angles of this page cannot entirely cover. Every person must make a conscious decision to take responsibility of all aspects of their life, including their sexuality. There’s nothing wrong with sex, only people’s perceptions and attitudes limits the ability we can exhibit in being a well-balanced and progressive society.

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