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Shades of Light

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We take the examples and move but then shuffle,
No need for instruction truth is placed upon a mantle,
So we dismantle,

Create alternate paths
Misconstrued within music and art,
The real resides within your heart
Few remain conscious,
The rest just drift along,

It doesn’t matter if you scream purple haze or sing redemption songs,
The weak and the strong, destitute or own a farm,
Your actions, thoughts and ways can still bring others harm,
We duck and we sway, walk straight or move away,
Life continues to reverberate through the words you say and the deeds you do today,

Easily led astray, or remain focused and lose your way,
Some boundaries always broken and no two days are quite the same,
I don’t live today,
Some remain in the futures past,
Lessons learned last but don’t stop world conquest,

To be of heart assists with overcoming the negative,
To move with head helps some to maintain clarity,
Disparity and anxiety when patience is lost,
Enjoy the here and now bow down to your earthly boss,

Tomorrow could see a twist,
Especially when not one can predict it’s course,
Only through patience and meditation can a future be blessed

Fear not sons of men;
The truth is almost irrelevant,
Twisted and turned as with all evil intent,
Even then you are free,
For inside your soul you find comfort,
No other can change what you have been blessed with,

So hold on to your birthright any day could be your time,
At this very moment and always, you are in your prime
Never think any second is a waste of time
There are so many ways and even in some so called lesser demeaning states
Continue to let your light shine throughout your days!

– end-

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