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Sheep Mentality (Africans Have Become Sheep)

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‘Ziyamazi umelusi uzibiza ngemagama zisabele’ This song is sung in different places and churches by Africans when admitting that they are sheep. Just right after giving birth the African child will face different types of immunization which will subdue their thinking capacity to be like that of sheep. Just after birth the systems are already in place to socially engineer black people to be sheep. Every one of them will be in a certain kraal owned by so and so in the name of a church. It looks very strange for black people if you do not belong to any of those sheep kraal (isibaya) called churches because Africans are engineered in a way that one cannot live without being part of. The engineering wants them to live without thinking and living without any substance, just depending on belief. There are three powerful institutions which are for socially engineering Africans to live like sheep, namely Churches (religion), Media Houses and Schools. Their main goal is to program the brain not to think independently, but control how and what to think. They are taught not to think beyond what is programmed, but to follow the system without critically questioning anything. That is the reason churches are more about belief and schools about memorizing. The government and churches do not need people who uses their brains, people are programmed not to think but follow the the program (church, school, work etc.) pay them to live and die, teach them what to think.
The beginning of wisdom is to understand that all that a white man says is good for Africans is the very thing that is bad, and all that a white man says is bad for Africans is actually good for them. That is why there are no ideas or philosophies from white people that will ever liberate Africans. There is no ism that will ever bring solution to Africa, all those isms were invented to destroy Africa. All that you refer yourself as, but is in the English language is the very same thing that will destroy you. Most of the time if it is not in your language then it’s poisonous. Fortunately I have studied very well about the UN agenda in which it is also to destroy Africa there is nothing that will ever come from UN that will help or liberate Africa. Unfortunately AU, ACOWAS AND SADAC are also branches of the UN that’s why they are financed by Europe , such organizations will never liberate Africa as they are also pushing the very same UN agenda. UN is the one that defines what is human rights as per their advantage. People who killed, raped, caged, chained, improverished, dehumanised us and took our land are now the ones who claim to be the authors of human rights. Land is supposed to be a human right but the UN is silent on land, because they are part of those who took our land. They are the only ones to decide what is human rights and what is not.  We Africans don’t have human rights, we have UBUNTU which is superior than Human Rights – that’s why we welcome them in our land and they turned against us because we had UBUNTU.
After they have completed the process of making our people sheep, they introduced democracy as if now the sheep have rights to choose their leaders, yet sheep will never choose a leader. If democracy was going to change anything in Africa it was going to be illegal. The batch leaders that the sheep are supposed to choose from are preselected, by the very same masters of the sheep including those political parties. They spent a billion during CR17 Campaign selecting their own candidate and the sheep were then supposed to flock and endorse their candidates. The Sheep have no choice at all because they are told whom they must like and whom they must hate, they parade their own in media together with the chosen political parties. That is why a man who condoned injustice from them was paraded and made a liberator and a hero for black people, yet he didn’t do any justice to Africans as they have been made sheep. The poor (sheep) have no choice at all, but are made to feel that they are part of the process yet they choose nothing, only the rich are able to choose their leader. They place a Hyena, Wolf and Wild Dog and say the sheep must choose their leader from there. Any person who is pursues what destroys Africa is getting very well paid, some have become instead billionaires at a detriment of Africans. Since other sheep are waking up they have also hired some among us who are claiming to be Sangomas and Tinyanga and parade them on tvs and radios to destroy the calling and our culture from within, and the sheep accept anything that is on radio and tvs as authentic. Sheep are made to fear the wolves yet the most dangerous is the so called shepherd. Most sheep are killed by a shepherd not the wolves. The shepherd will make the sheep believe that he is protecting them from the wolves, yet he is the one who will kill all of them. Same with voters (sheep) they are not aware that the politicians are the most dangerous to them.
Indeed a shepherd stays inside the house whiles the sheep are suffering in the kraal. The so called political leaders and pastors are all well paid by the system as they look after the sheep of their master, they are staying in mansions (inside the house) whilst the people are staying in shacks (kraal). As long as you are referring to yourself by something that was not known by your forefathers you are lost, just a sheep. If what you are calling yourself by is not in your own language, then you are a lost generation. The more churches there are, the more poverty will be in that area, because it means there are more sheep in that place. Africa has more churches than any other continent because there are more sheep in Africa than in other continents, thus poverty is unavoidable. Sheep will always follow the procedure, they won’t change the status co. Just imagine finding a church that has 10 million followers, meaning all the 10 million people are sheep – their brains have been frozen, only the so called shepherd (Pastor/Prophet/Bishop) is allowed to think and make decisions for the 10 million calling him Papa. How can there be no poverty in such a situation, where majority of the people’s brains are frozen, they live through belief and faith. Most Africans are happy to be sheep, that’s why they don’t mind to leave their shacks and go to a church to pay and maintain the expensive lifestyles of their shepherd. Just imagine a person who is earning R2500 must pay a billionaire every month just because the billionaire claims to be the Man of God. If you don’t pay, then the billionaire will tell you that God will curse you for not paying him the money, ‘oh sheep always live in fear ‘. I will never follow such a greedy stupid God who curses the poor for not paying the rich.
It seems in Africa leadership is about accumulating wealth for one man who is the shepherd whilst the sheep are clapping hands, satisfied to live in poverty. Politicians are also doing the same, they freeze the minds of the people and make them sheep, even in the political party you cannot think beyond your leader – the politicians just accumulate wealth for themselves whilst the people clap their hands thinking it’s normal. Kings are no different, they are in the same WhatsApp group as the so called ‘Man of God’ and politicians are satisfied to lead poor people and make them more poor to finance their expensive lifestyles and they call that leadership. The only thing our politicians know is to go around the world looking for the so called investors ,they don’t learn that the people who initiated our colonization were not politicians but traders (Investors). Vasco Da Gama and Jan van Riebeek were traders and investors, but eventually involved their governments to take over our land. Africans hate those they are supposed to love and love those they are supposed to hate. They kill those who are supposed to protect and protect those who they are supposed to be kill. They celebrate those who are not supposed to be celebrated, and despise those who are supposed to be celebrated. Their heroes are those who are traitors and the real heroes are seen as traitors.
The media decides who they should honour and reject. They are told by their oppressors who their heroes and heroines are. Their heroes are also celebrated even by the oppressors. They are even blind to see that real heroes cannot be celebrated by the oppressors. If one finds a lion trying to kill a zebra and you rescue the zebra from the lion i doubt that the lion would celebrate you as a hero because you have rescued a zebra from it, yet Africans are blind when the whites celebrate their heroes – who they thought rescued them from the whites. I wonder when Africans will rise from their deep sleep and start to see real heroes not to honour traitors and sell outs as heroes and heroines. Blackman you are on your own. White people see black people as their prey and they prey on us every day, they are rich because of us and we are poor because of them. There is no way they would celebrate anyone who rescues their prey (Africans) from them. Right now Africa is looked down at by everyone in the world, everyone is summoning Africa and claiming they have a better plan for Africa. India, China, Russia, Europe and USA are all treating Africa as their child (sheep) they summon all the so called leaders of Africa at any time. The greatest stumbling block for African development is Religion and Education. Africa has the most outdated education system which is not in line with the forth coming industrial revolution. Religion has frozen the minds of Africans, they think prayer can solve anything yet prayer has never solved anything, people need to take ownership of their lives and stop thinking that they will go to churches for miracles (I RECEIVE IRECEIVE I RECEIVE MAN OF GOD) it’s only the so called man of God who is receiving their money. Even politicians are in politics for their stomachs not to change the lives of the people. People must start taking ownership of their lives – stop putting their lives in politicians and “God’s” hands, but put their lives in their own hands and stop being sheep because wolves will always prey on them. I Refuse to be a sheep or follow any man who claim to be greater than my parents, that is why I don’t need an shepherd, my life is in my own hands – no one will ever change my life for better but me alone. Siyinduna Mapopo Rampane
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