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Sipho Pityana is a grandstander of a faction of the ANC that is in the pocket of white monopoly capital

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So everyone is carrying on about the bravery of the Sipho Pityana for calling out the “moral decay” of the ANC and saying Jacob Zuma should resign at Makhenkesi Stofile’s funeral on Thursday. I also then took time to listen.

He spoke of how the party ceded moral high ground, which I don’t know existed when, to its opposition because of Jacob Zuma. Reiterating the false narrative that Jacob Zuma is the source of corruption in the ANC and prior to him becoming its president, it was some “glorious” movement. Nothing could be further from the truth… so I am taking it upon myself to clarify issues for those who might be deceived.


To trace blatant corruption in the ANC, you have to go back decades before CODESA when they sold out the people in writing and officially. Let’s take this example: In exile many of the ANC top brass were engaging in corruption of donated money to fund activities of the ANC including MK, and they were beyond reproach. Joe Modise, who was head of MK was known for driving fancy cars and using 5 star hotels to a point where even Kenneth Kaunda complained as to how was it possible that he could drive fancier cars than even Ministers in Zambia. Ask Kenneth Kaunda, he is still alive.

In Quattro, Angola for instance, over 30 000 people who were part of the MK got executed by the MK itself. Most for raising issues against the high command of the MK who were looting funds while the people in the camps lacked even the most basic supplies. Torture too was a daily thing and many have spoken of this, and at one point war broke out against two camps where heavy numbers were lost and Chris Hani had to go and intervene (after Chris Hani almost got executed himself previously by a sentence passed by Joe Modise). The money that was supposed to fund an armed struggle was being misused through corruption by ANC top brass living lavishly away from apartheid South Africa, meanwhile the ordinary black people they claimed to be fighting for had been left fighting apartheid police bullets with stones and steel dustbin lids in the townships, they had taken it upon themselves to take apartheid head on because there wasn’t going to be any rescue. Still wondering how Soweto Uprising happened?

But these are the things you never hear about, the ANC has suppressed them into the dungeons of forgotten history like another horrendous issue of the normalised abuse and rape of women in MK camps, a no-go area…

Joe Modise went to further sell MK arms without consulting official channels, an official investigation by Chris Hani who was now Chief of Staff of MK led to Modise’s door. Unfortunately Chris Hani died two weeks before the hearing scheduled for Joe Modise to account for having sold MK arms. Joe Modise went on to become the first minister of defence in 1994 and would be the one to lead the formation of the SANDF that retained high military positions for all those SADF white soldiers while blacks were told they lack experience.

We could go back to the decades before, and how the leadership of the ANC has from the late 1940s been blatantly in the pockets of the Jews of the Communist Party who financed most activities. Like Arthur Goldreich and Harold Wolpe were the ones that bought Liliesleaf farm, that was to be the first headquarters of MK. Like it was Joe Slovo who was the first head of MK. Like Lionel Bernstein wrote the Freedom Charter. Like Jews were the legal counsel in cases of ANC leaders, a big example being Arthur Chaskalson and Joel Joffe who were two of the three defence lawyers in the Rivonia trial and were Jewish. Arthur Chaskalson later became the first Chief Justice post 1994. Even the head prosecutor of the Rivonia trial, Percy Yutar, was Jewish and he admitted in 1988 he changed the charge of treason to sabotage so the death penalty could be off the cards. Want to know where the Communist Party Jews got money from? None other than the Oppenheimers and co. This is why CODESA was hosted initially an Oppenheimer golf estate, oh and the Oppenheimers are of Jewish descent, and were funded into power by Nathan Rothschild who funded Cecil John Rhodes’s conquest to Africa and the formation of De Beers that became part of the Oppenheimers’s Anglo American.

Two weeks before his release from prison, these were Nelson Mandela’s words: “The nationalization of the mines, banks, and monopoly industries is the policy of the ANC, and the change or modification of our views in this regard is inconceivable. Black economic empowerment is a goal we fully support and encourage, but in our situation state control of certain sectors of the economy is unavoidable.” Those words were just rhetoric, the memorandum that had been orchestrated all along when the Jews wrote the Freedom Charter in 1955 was enforced that the selling out was definitely going to happen, and he completely changed tune and denied everything he had said later on. In his first post-election interview as president Mandela stated: “In our economic policies . . . there is not a single reference to things like nationalization, and this is not accidental . . .”

Following the 1994 election in which Mandela was elected president, the ANC submitted its economic program to Oppenheimer “for approval.” It was Jews that were tasked with strategic positions of state capture in Mandela’s cabinet, the ministry of finance given to Gill Marcus in 1994 as Deputy Minister, whose biggest task was privatising the South African Reserve Bank – effectively handing away the country’s monetary policy to white private hands. These are the outlines of the functions of SARB:

> Formulating and implementing monetary policy;

> Issuing banknotes and coin;

> Supervising the banking system;

> Ensuring the effective functioning of the national payment system (NPS);

> Managing official gold and foreign-exchange reserves;

> Acting as banker to the government;

> Administering the country’s remaining exchange controls; and

> Acting as lender of last resort in exceptional circumstances.

All of these tasks that are of primary national importance and are cornerstone to a country’s economy were privatised under ANC watch, and are owned by a foreign cartel of bankers. The Reserve Bank is undoubtedly the most powerful institution in the country, as Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), who is the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, aptly put it: “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes their laws.”
Whoever controls the means of production in a country – de facto the money supply – is the one with the real power; and as such the ANC sold out power to capitalists, because it is in the economy where power rests. The ANC surrendered the control of the Reserve Bank to white monopoly capital.

Its fate was explained by Vishnu Padaychee; who was tasked to draft a document for the CODESA negotiating team on the on the pro’s and con’s of having an autonomous central bank, run with total autonomy from the elected government. He and his team drafted and submitted the document with a clear policy of not allowing the Reserve Bank to be autonomous. He was later told by the negotiating team that they had conceded to the demands of white monopoly capital, backed by IMF loan guarantees, to privatise the Reserve Bank. Padayachee could not believe it. Vishnu Padayachee is now a distinguished professor of Economics and Business at Wits University; he has an excellent track record in economic and social policy research and research in banking. You can go ask him about the happenings around there.

Following that task, Gill Marcus immediately went to the already privatised Reserve Bank as deputy governor in 1999 and became its governor in 2009. Between 1997 and 2004, no less eighteen state-owned firms were sold by the South African government, summing up to about US$4 billion in total (approximately R58 billion today); and you never even heard of it once. No one made a noise about it because it was agreements of CODESA being implemented. It was part of the IMF agreement signed on 1 December 1993 to privatise state-owned enterprises to secure a US$850 million loan. I will expand on it when I get to Pravin Gordhan.


You wake up over 22 years later screaming state capture when the state was captured long ago, with the cooperation of the very same people leading the current screaming. You need to get yourself informed, Mark Twain told you that reading newspapers is misinformation.


Sipho Pityana himself served as Director General of the Department of Labour from 1995 – 1999 (A Ministry headed by Tito Mboweni then) in Mandela’s tenure as President, and then went to serve as Director General of the Department of Foreign Affairs from 1999 – 2002 during Thabo Mbeki’s first tenure as President. Then he left to join “business”, the then newly found term for cadreship that was being assimilated into BEE positions by white capital as a spin-off of CODESA. By now I believe we know that BEE is a concept that came up with white monopoly capital, and the first usage of the term Black Economic Empowerment is from a Sanlam subsidiary back in 1997. We know the beneficiaries of Sanlam BEE right?

Anyway still on Sipho Pityana, in 2002 he emerges as Executive Director of Nedcor Investment Bank and Managing Director of Nedbank. These are subsidiaries of Old Mutual Holdings, now a British Insurance Giant listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is one of the many companies that were founded in South Africa, got listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, but as part of the CODESA settlement to protect white monopoly capital’s ill-begotten wealth became dual listed in London and other western stock markets. There’s a long list of them.

Sipho went on to serve on many of these companies’s boards, JSE listed and all, including AngloGold Ashanti which he has served since February 2007 according to his bio that reads: “Sipho Mila Pityana is a senior director having joined the board of AngloGold Ashanti in February 2007. He is the chairman of the Safety, Health and Environment and the Nominations committees, and a member of the following committees: Remuneration and Human Resources, Social, Ethics and Transformation, Risk and Information Integrity, Investment and Financial Analysis committees. He was previously the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.”

Now besides AngloGold being a spin-off company of Anglo American’s decentralisation, it is of particular interest to me because I come from an area where AngloGold Ashanti has been getting a huge percentage of its gold from in its entire history, that is Orkney in the North West Province. I have no hearsay accounts, but an eyewitness account of the brutality of its capitalism on my people. The statistics of fatalities of their mining accidents and silicosis victims who were laid off by the mines to die as paupers after years of service are not statistics to me; they are family members, relatives, friends, fathers of friends and people of my community whom we have buried. I can put faces to the statistics. Yet Kanana township has the highest rate of crime in the entire North West Province, one of the highest occurrences of gangster violence in the whole country and generally a place of misery; but no less than 11 gold mine shafts are within a 25 kilometer radius from the township, with most a walking distance from the township and all of that having been originally owned by AngloGold Ashanti before it laid some off. There however is no sign that the people live on top of gold deposits, no infrastructure, nothing. There is really nothing to show, not even a designated community fund, besides one buying politicians in the city councils. Not that it will be something we want, we want to own those mines.

So hearing this Pityana man saying “Zemk’iinkomo magwala ndini” really irked me off because the metaphor he was using he has no right to go near. He is a director of a cartel of AngloGold Ashanti that steals gold worth billions from my people annually, that owns land that is near half of the whole Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality land area whereas my people are landless without space to even move. He then wants to point fingers at Zuma? Get out of here.


What Sipho Pityana was saying is a lot nothing, and Makhenkesi Stofile has no legacy outside that he was a member of a deceptive ANC and served as its premier and minister in government, and later ambassador to Germany (a dubious process that ambassador appointment thing that has seen both Winnie and Nelson Mandela’s daughters appointed as ambassadors). People must not lie about the dead…

Sipho Pityana cannot speak about movement and state capture supposedly being a recent occurrence when he himself was long captured by white monopoly capital along with whole movement. He must account for the gold he is actively signing off to England and America first and stop being a mouthpiece of white capital because we know there is no integrity in his words.


Sipho Pityana is part of a faction that has beneficiaries of CODESA, who still hold directorship in these mining companies, banks and other white monopoly capital entities – basically the people still with the original state captors. So when someone speaks against Zuma from within the ANC, first check his CV as to where he falls before trusting their sincerity. Trevor Manuel is on the Rothschild payroll, and his wife Maria Ramos heads Barclays Africa, never take him seriously; besides he was minister of finance who did a neoliberal job so well, the world bank head hunted him. You think he was aiding our benefit? Stop playing games. Tito Mboweni, Ben Turok, Ronnie Kasrils, Pravin Gordhan, the lot of them; they are in the faction of White Monopoly Capital that captured the state at CODESA.

The other faction, led by Jacob Zuma, is the BRICS faction. Now the BRICS is a break away from white monopoly capital (your South African white companies and western companies) to making dealings with the Chinese, Indians, Russians. Zuma started to make this shift from the west when he came into presidency. All the ones who had been sidelined from the feasting and looting – catered for by white monopoly capital prior to the 2007 Polokwane elective conference – came to the party to a dinner served by the incoming Chinese capital and the normal state corruption of course as they were to be new deployees replacing the old guard that lost in the Polokwane conference.


Cyril Ramaphosa, although one of the biggest beneficiaries of white monopoly capital’s BEE, aligns himself with this faction because of his long standing disgruntlement with Thabo Mbeki; their history is quite public, starting post 1991 ANC elective conference in Durban, about the choices on who would deputise Mandela in his government presidency post 1994 elections and eventually succeed him. He is the glorious son of white capital however, so his loyalty to this faction is very questionable. This is the man who white capital made a billionaire by defrauding a man called Sam Molope – arguably South Africa’s most successful black businessman during apartheid, and a self made multimillionaire – in a very nefarious, barbaric process lasting from 1994 to 2001, that involved the United States Trade and Development Agency, Rebhold, Nedcor, Mercentile Bank and others, and left Sam Molope penniless at the end of it. He is likely setting up to wrestle power back from within this camp and take it back to white monopoly capital on a silver platter.

It is not that Zuma is corrupt, that he is lambasted by white media, rather it is who he is practising corruption with. Corruption in the ANC government has always existed, and in fact in way greater proportions before Zuma, the issue was not there before because the main beneficiaries were white monopoly capital entities. No one made a noise when Anglo American and other white companies monopolised coal supply to ESKOM, or when the ANC benefited from tender deals then. It was a problem when the Guptas did it, and when ANC benefits from other sources. Now Popo Molefe wants to make it a new thing that ANC got kickbacks from tenders in SOEs when crying about the R80 million PRASA locomotive saga, when the programmes and campaigns of the ANC have been funded this way forever now. The Arms Deal was one of the exemplar cases, and it implicated all the elite of the ANC.

Popo Molefe himself was premier of my home province, the North West, from 1994-2004; having forgotten his BPC, SASM and AZAPO days, he was a factionalist of the Mapogo faction in the North West, that was running municipalities bankrupt all over the province and in cahoots with platinum and Gold mines that continued unabated in the exploitation of mining communities while financing politicians to turn the blind eye as per CODESA agreement. Immediately after his tenure as premier ended in April 2004, he joined the Anooraq Resources Corporation, a platinum mining and exploration company from Canada, as co-nonexecutive chairperson, as was the trend of leaving public service to cushy position in white capital companies by the top brass of the ANC. Now people want to take moral high ground without implicating themselves in the rot they helped manufacture? They must wait and look in the mirror.

Before 2009, most ordinary people in South Africa didn’t even know what the public protector was, less known are the two previous incumbents of the office prior to Thuli Mandonsela. This is because until it was needed by white supremacy, the office was useless pretty much. It failed to investigate apartheid era crimes worth billions, include the CIEX report of 1997 that showed trails of R26 billion siphoned offshore by apartheid cabinet ministers and businesses and how it could be gotten back. What about Illicit Financial Flows out of the country facilitated by multinationals in South Africa, reported to be at 20% of the GDP annually in 2007 and could well be over R1 trillion a year from 2014?

Remember who owns the media outlets that are running with all the propaganda and who stands to benefit, remember Mark Twain yet again with his quote on newspapers and misinformation. Remember how Malcolm X said the media is the most powerful entity in the world because it has the power to make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent. Don’t be caught up in hype, thoroughly understand what is going on.


While the media is doing its best to portray Pravin Gordhan as a superhero holding the economy “stable”, the biggest load of rubbish ever; they don’t tell you the real reason they want him there.

Pravin Gordhan was the candidate of choice for white monopoly capital after Nenegate to come “stabilise” the markets and economy. What they were saying is that they wanted someone they knew was on their side and would look after their interests and guard against Zuma’s coup supported by BRICS.


Immediately after Nhlanhla Nene was replaced with Des van Rooyen, Johann Rupert met with Cyril Ramaphosa and Trevor Manuel and his wife Maria Ramos to discuss the removal of newly appointed Minister of Finance, Des van Rooyen.

The follow up of this meeting to was a meeting that took place on the night of the 13 December 2015. The following high ranking officials and bankers of white monopoly capital (multinational corporations included) met with the ANC Top 6 in seeking the removal of Des van Rooyen:

1. Barclays Africa Group Chief Executive Officer, Maria Ramos;

2. Goldman Sachs’ South Africa head, Colin Coleman;

3. Investec Bank’s global CEO, Stephen Koseff;

4. Imperial Holdings’ CEO, Mark Lamberti;

5. Sanlam CEO, Ian Kirk;

6. Business Leadership South Africa chairperson Bobby Godsell;

7. Toyota Europe CEO, Johan van Zyl and

8. First Rand CEO, Johan Burger.

Interestingly, these meetings were contravention of Section 4 of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Activities Act, 2004 on the part of these leaders of white capital because they were actively seeking to influence state decisions as to was appointed into a cabinet portfolio and that is corruption. No one cared though, it is only news when it is supposedly the Guptas who appoint cabinet ministers.

Anyhow, white monopoly capital got the candidate they wanted put in place, Pravin Gordhan. However to fully understand Pravin Gordhan’s relationship with white monopoly capital, we must go back to CODESA. During the period when CODESA started to 1994, CODESA appointed The “Transitional Executive Committee” (TEC) that took control of the South African government in this period as an interim government of some sorts. This TEC comprised of a few leading ANC leaders and the ruling National Party. During this time, South Africa faced a balance of payments difficulty in 1993 which was the result of a siege on the economy by the apartheid regime. They had created huge debts with the IMF and World Bank – the twins of economic assassination – and part of the agreement at CODESA was that the incoming government would acquire and take over these debts.

The Transitional Executive Council subcommittee on finance included the likes of (wait for it):

Trevor Manuel (who went on to become minister of finance and is now head of Rothschild Africa), Maria Ramos (who went on to become the Director General of the National Treasury, left to be CEO of Transnet SOC, and is now Barclays Group Africa CEO), Pravin Gordhan (chair of CODESA from 1991-1994, and went on to become Commissioner of SARS from 1999 to 2009, the year Jacob Zuma appointed him Minister of Finance; he currently serves a second term in the ministry after Nenegate) Tito Mboweni (who was to become the first Minister of Labour in Mandela’s cabinet, then from 1999 became Reserve Bank Governor until 2009; currently international advisor for Goldman Sachs International) and they were led by Thabo Mbeki.

The TEC accepted, on December 1, 1993, an $850 million loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), signed first by South Africa’s current minister of finance, Pravin Gordhan. The loan included the following “terms and conditions” which Mandela’s ANC gladly accepted when they signed the deal and sold out the economic struggle:

> Lower import tariffs;

> Cuts in state spending,

> Large cuts in public sector wages;

> Free trade routes;

> Excessive flight capital off the borders of SA;

> Privatisation of state own enterprises;

> Fiscal controlled economy; and

> Last but very importantly, the ANC must move away from its radical position of nationalisation of mines, banks, other strategic industries of the economy and to abort its policy of expropriation of land; things that were documented even in the compromised Freedom Charter.

So now you know that Pravin Gordhan was the first signatory in the official selling out of the land and economy that countless Africans died for ever since 1652. His pen was one of those that defecated on the graves of Hintsa, Sekhukhune, Cetshwayo, Bambatha, Biko, Sobukwe, Lembede, Mashinini and many nameless heroes who laid down their lives for the land over the centuries.

He is not keeping the economy stable, he is keeping guard for a sell-out pact, and that is why the American Chamber of Commerce supports him saying South Africa needs him; its members are beneficiaries of this nefarious pact stealing the wealth of this country from its rightful owners. They need him, not us. They also need him to fight BRICS. What we need is our land and economy back.

Oh, and don’t listen to NGOs that are being funded by capitalists. They are actually criminal organisations too those ones, making poverty pornography with our people and pretending to be helping while they actually help facilitate the capital flight from the continent. Africa is a net creditor to the world, yet we are poor because of things like the pseudo-help industry of NGOs.


Jacob Zuma has done nothing that is out of the ordinary in terms of corruption in government, he inherited a culture of corruption that is long standing in the ANC and continued with it.

What Jacob Zuma is being chastised for is that he is taking allegiances of economic pacts away from western capital to BRICS led by China. This is why White media has demonised heads of states in BRICS countries and we even saw President Rouseff of Brazil successfully impeached just weeks after the failed attempt to impeach Jacob Zuma in April.

BRICS poses a threat to the, up to thus far, uncontested hegemony of the International Monetary Fund–The World Bank Group–Bank for International Settlements cartel backed by the United Nations. They are forming the BRICS bank, that already bailed out ESKOM with billions of dollars – money that would normally have been loaned to ESKOM by IMF or the likes. The biggest threat of BRICS and BRICS bank however, has been its move to establish gold standard currency, Russia and China have done it and want to pass the system to all of BRICS. This would spell disaster for the Western fiat monetary system headed by the U.S. dollar and as such is being fought tooth and nail. China and Russia are even moving to replace SWIFT with CIPS (China International Payment System) for international payments (read more about it).


Thus I advise that we treat with caution the calling for Zuma’s head. Who is calling for Zuma’s head? What are their allegiances? Where will the country’s economic go when his head falls?

I am all for Zuma falling, but not to play into the hands of white capital. The proper call is that the ANC must hand back the power to the people, and collectively admit they sold us. Because the faction opposing Zuma is filled with people who have blood on their hands too. Thus we can’t expect better. We cannot be having the country moving from one corrupt ANC faction to another corrupt ANC faction back and forth, the organisation in its entirety is tainted. They must do the honourable thing:

Give us the land back and retire, let the young clean ones take charge.


In these tumultuous times, I believe that it is apparent that the state of affairs calls for revolutionary action. We are at a point in history where if we do nothing, the homeland will be gone forever. We have seen the masses of our black people running away from the lions to the blue Nile infested with crocodiles in the elections, because we have done nothing. The ANC failed to bring the land, they sold it away instead; the DA won’t give the land, they are a white monopoly capital defenders through and through. In fact the whole constitution of this country as it stands makes it impossible to bring the desired change for the ordinary black man living below the breadline on the street.

Let it be known that I am not vouching for BRICS. This on the basis that I cannot be certain that the two biggest countries in the world by land mass, and the two biggest economies of BRICS, might advance to becoming the new IMF/World Bank cartel themselves. All imperialism is bad, western and eastern. China has a track record of its own in imperialist affairs, the people of Tibet come to mind. They have also showed bad faith and exploitative capitalism in Zimbabwe, Uganda and Angola among other African countries they have invested in. The Russians are after all still Russians too, and we must remember that the casualties of the cold war were small countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and the valiant Cuba. So I have many reservations about BRICS. I however would like to have them as trade partners, not as exploitative “blessers” who sow money only to expect tenfold yields once you have become “indebted” to them. My imaginative post revolutionary stance would be economics heads of the continent reviewing engagement in activities with superpowers in a way that is more favourable to us as a continent, because if not we will forever be slaves. Moving from one Pimp to another is not an option we have.

The task has come to us the masses to craft a way forward and take charge of the destiny of the land of our forefathers because it won’t be handed to us. Without doing so, history will remember us harshly and our children will curse us. We cannot keep entrusting power to others, when they have failed dismally and the state is in illegitimate hands. Let us take charge and take the state back because we are the true custodians, by any means necessary – the onus is now on us. Freedom or death, we are to decide today.

Now that you know the truth, ask yourself if you are happy with the status quo. Also ask yourself what is the way forward. More importantly, act. We can no longer be complacent and uninvolved, this is a state of emergency and it implicates everyone of us my brethren.


As a disclaimer to those who have not come across my many previous writings on politics – like the one of the Mandela Deception in 2013 – I am not a member of any political party, and I have never been. I am in no one’s pocket, and in no one’s corner but the corner of the masses of our people. I am an independent researcher, a political and social activist, and a scholar of Black Consciousness and Pan Afrikanism. What I do yearn for however is a United Front of all stakeholders who are genuinely interested in the true revolution and change of our homeland to come together and start heeding to the clarion call I highlight above as soon as yesterday. Things cannot afford to continue in this fashion. Let the land and wealth our forefathers died for be restored to its rightful heirs, it is ours. Izwe lethu.

I pause and submit here.


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Sipho Pityana is a grandstander of a faction of the ANC that is in the pocket of white monopoly capital, 8.8 out of 10 based on 44 ratings

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