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I am 19 years old. I am studying towards a diploma in Management at the Tshwane University of Technology. I have a certificate in Versatile Broadcasting, which is a year course that I completed in the same institution. The word that best describes me is art, I am an artist. I write and recite poetry, paint, make jewelery and sing.

My poetry has been published by the Poetry Institute of Africa, on the murmuring memoirs book. The love life ‘Uncut’ magazine has also published my poetry, and most recently the village voice( Student Village’s publication) and the May issue of the ‘Soul magazine’  has my poem as the email of the month. Most recent performance I have done was at the ‘Sistaz open mic’ at the Bassline.
That language only women understand is on the itch online magazine, www.itch.co.za, the poem is one of my favourites which I wrote to mark the strength of women.


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I am beautiful

The seed of beauty was tied to my eyes

It was planted in my soul

Ploughed whenever I remembered my roots

It is cultivated by the goodness of my heart

I am a hut of the native villagers

As my beauty is a reflection of their wisdom

Their values and norms are the lenght of my back

Their lovely mountains are hills

shapes formed on  my chicks

I am beauty

The colour of my iris is the brown

of their soil

combined with the glow of their sun

I am their sun rise

I am their waterfalls

Ndimanzi andonga

I am their oceans





I am beauty

The hope they invested in unoNgqawuse

To bring them wealth for the loss of their

life stock

I am their trust in her

The wombman

To bare their Kings, Poets, sons and daughters

I am beautiful

I am the shape

The shift of the moon

The pentacle that forms the

ideal union

Mother earth

Mother nature

I am complete

360 degrees

I am life

But beauty is not the right label

No word is worthy

And so I am

– End –


Made with the finest stones

In colours bronze and bright

The potters most adored


with the sun ray

drying it to make it to

its best ability

Ndibubuhle bendalo

Go down the valleys

Up the mountain tops

deep in behind the

curtains of the waterfalls

You will find me

as my spirit gives its scent

to the flowers

the trees

the birds

the butterflies

to bring out their beauty

Ndithe ndiyindalo

Eves offspring

Brown and proud

Produced with the precious

praise the Lord

Transkei translates

my Queendom

In the quest for

Her throne to be given back


– End –

Contact details
Cell: 0733733104
Email: siyandakwaza@yahoo.com
website: www.poetrypoem.com/colourless
Facebook: Siyanda Babalwa Colourless Kwaza

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