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Born out of a desperate need to once again scream black power from the disappointment that of the 1994 liberation project, the BlackHouse Kollective initiative calls upon all Black thinkers and prophets alike, to gather and recomplete the state of the Black Nation.

Sobukwe Speaking to a Basotholand African Congress Party, Conference in Lesotho in 1957

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Mr. Speaker, Sir, Sons and Daughters of the soil, I wish, in opening this conference, to quote the caption which appears on “Mohlabani” since it expresses so clearly the reason for our sustained struggle:

“Tsoara thebe e tiee oa Rasenate, Oa bona fatse leno lea ea.” ( Hold fast thy shield, son of Rasenate, Thou seest thy fatherland is being taken).

I also wish, on behalf of the fighters for freedom, both living and dead and to those still unborn, to salute this conference of the Basotholand African Congress, that has shaken the Basotholand White Administration and has made Basotho realize that there still are people in Africa who prefer suffering and privation to the “flesh pots of Egypt,” people who have taken it upon themselves to “rebuild the destroyed shrines.”

…. Ever since he came to this country, the white man, particularly Englishman; has adopted a policy of divide and rule. He has always to get some Africans to his side to fight against other Africans.

In the Cape, for instance, we had Ngqika set against Ndlambe. Here we had a nephew set against his uncle. Blood against blood.

In Natal we had Mpande set against Dingane with the defeat of the latter the Zulus lost Natal. Here again we had blood against blood.

When Boers found that they could not defeat Sekhukhuni, they got Swazis on their side and defeated Sekhukhuni. We had here one black ethnic group set against another. This policy of divide and rule is still being pursued today. The educated native is still being told that he is better than the uneducated raw “Kaffir”. And many believe it and act accordingly, thereby insulting their fathers and mothers because many of us were educated by these same raw “Kaffirs”, who are neither Christians nor educated natives.

We see this policy pursued by whites who keep on reminding us that this is a Zulu the proud descendant of Shaka, with a glorious military history and should have nothing to do with the
cunning Basotho; that one is told he is a Mosotho, a proud descendant of the wise Moshoeshoe, and the only people never conquered by neither black or white, and should not associate with the wild savage Zulus nor with the treacherous, thieving Xhosas.

And yet they call us all “Kaffirs”. We all pay poll- tax and we are all called “boys” and “girls” even if we have married sons and daughters. Our color causes us to suffer common oppression. Why should not that color bring us together, so that we fight together as a united family which we are?

I have come to learn that even here in Basotholand you have your “good boys”, the tried and tested collaborators: the “responsible natives” whose mouths are watering for the flesh pots of Egypt. You also have, I learn, your agitators, your rebels and schemers, the ” dirty bastards” who want to destroy chieftainship and take power into their own hands and make slaves of you all.

My question to you is: Who tells you these things? Is it a black man or a white man? If it is a whiteman do you think they care two hoots? For your chiefs or your Paramount chiefs? Did not the British ban Seretse Khama although people wanted him? Did not they execute Bareng and Gabasheane although you, Basotho wanted them alive because you doubted their guilt?

There still are people who want to know what we are fighting for, why we kick all this fuss!?

Alright we shall tell them. We are fighting for the recognition of the Mosotho man and woman to be an equal to any other man or woman whatever race and creed, capable of taking his place
alongside any other man or woman to plan future for mankind.

We are fighting for the recognition of the fact that this mountainous enclave with its majestic mountains, and splendid air, described as inhospitable and barren by some, is the land of the Basotho, the land that gave them birth. Their refuge in time of war. This is the land that nurtured them, the land where generations of the Basotho have been born, have worked, have married, have borne children and have died. This is the land still clammy with the blood of those who defended themselves and the land that God gave us to till, to plough and exploit for benefit of all the people of Basothland, and secondly for the benefit of mankind as a whole.

We are fighting to break political and economical chains that bind us, compelling the life-blood of Basotholand youth of our country, to the gold mines to produce wealth that they do not enjoy, coming back to Basutoland as human incubators to produce more moles to the subterranean passages of Johannesburg and Welkom to burrow for more wealth and come back sick and useless to die.

We cannot forget, however, that we are part of the vast continent of Africa which is today demanding the right of self-determination, the right to “manage or mismanage” her own affairs; the right to take her place alongside other nations of the world in the highest council- We are looking forward to the dawn of the day when the young herd boys will listen to the call of
the Congress and say with Macaulay’s Roman soldier:

“And how can a man die better, Than facing the fearful odds. For the ashes of his fathers And for the temple of his gods?

Finally, we must recruit members for Congress, until every man, woman and child is a member of Congress, so that leaders can speak confidently, knowing that they have the whole nation behind them.

In conclusion allow me, with apologies to J.J.R Jolobe, to quote a few of his Xhosa lines which I think sums up most handsomely the spirit that urges us on:

“Apho igazi lenu lithe lathontsela khona, Komila intyatyambo evumba limyoli, Eliya kuthwalwa ngamaphiko empepho, Zithi zonk’ izizwe zilirhogele.” (Wherever your blood has dropped,
Will blossom a flower of exceeding sweetness. And all the nations will inhale it).

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