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Sometimes the stars should just shine brighter than ever. smiles. Well its very simple. I am not crazy, i am not an alcoholic, i am not a druggie person! I am just special in that special way!

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The type of image you portray is the type of image that will be associated with you at all times. Whether you are a saint or a wild person, whatever image you choose is the image that will determine your type of social circle, the spots you are most likely to be seen at, the type of car you drive or the type of clothes you wear etc.. The list never ends; it goes as far as the n1 from both ends of the country. So what type of image do you think you portray. Who are your friends? Where do you go? What type of lifestyle do you follow? Is it a conscious lifestyle? What is a conscious lifestyle to you?

This week consciousness is concentrating on helping you find your image. Helping you improve your image and make it what you want it to be. We believe in making things work for self in such a way that the change wil blow your own mind. It all starts with you really, and with what you decide to put on your body. The small things count i.e. the type of bag you carry, for guys the type of shoe you wear! Well that is according to the consciousness lifestyle. We like new school and old school, whether it is put together or not. Meaning you can never tell whether were rocking something old or new. So we want to teach you a few tricks that involve putting the old and the new together. Starting with what you wear every day.

First up we have to start with my favourite items, being hat, shoes, bags, earring etc for both men and women of course. Accessories are a vital part of our image, the purse you use and even the type of shoe you wear gives you some sort of social image. It determines where you fall in. Many people see the functional part of accessories and not the decorative part of accessories, not knowing that the more you decorate, the more you develop a type of style that is unique to you. The best thing about accessories is that they are collectable and they can be manoeuvred into any type of style you wish to try. Even the oldest accessories are still fashionable today. In commercial stores or contemporary stores you still find that one item that is a classic and has maintained its fashionable status throughout the trends. Funny enough this one item could be unique to your style.

Accessories also give us a chance to stand out in a crowd. Anyone can rock jeans and a t –shirt or the same suit from the same shop but not everybody will rock it with the same type of accessories and that is why you must learn how to use your accessories well. Wear them with pride and style. Feel like they can make yesterdays outfit look like today’s outfit. If you didn’t sleep at home, it’s early and you don’t have time to change for an urgent engagement, you can easily change your accessories meaning your outfit could have a drastic change.

At least think about it, try as a guy or a girl to give accessories a chance and see how far you can go with it. Of course with the help of consciousness, we are going to introduce to you South African jewelers, hat makers, shoe makers and bag makers. So that you can have a chance to buy some home made goods online. We certainly going to include as many different types of accessories as possible so that you can be more educated about what is out there and what is accessible to you. So you as a designer can have a chance to give the world a taste of what you have to offer.

Your job from today is to stay glued to this page because I might just surprise you with something that is your cup of tea. I might just throw in your favourite type of dress style and where to go in it. Another reason to stay tuned to this page has all these new funky discoveries that I have lined up for you. Do not test how much fun you’ll have reading about our latest “got to go” spots and of course “got to have” goodies.

Don’t forget to checkout the rest of the mag especially our expressions and gig guide. Every part of this magazine is especially compiled for your benefit. Mostly in knowledge but also fun things to read about.

Stay stylish
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