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"History works through people and we have availed ourselves to history to work through us"- Bantu Biko

Stanley Mogoba Annual Lecture Speech

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Speech by Mrs. Ellen Mothopeng

Speech by Mrs. Ellen Mothopeng

Reverend Stanley Mogoba Annual Lecture

Theme: African Spirituality

28 May 2022

Mamelodi Methodist Church

Izwe Lethu ma’Afrika! It is a great honour to be invited to participate in this historical inauguration lecture of Bishop Stanley Mogoba. Who is a stalwart of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania. I would like to personally thank the Methodist Church and the Mogoba family for ensuring that we honour our hero whilst he is still alive. My special greetings to the Mogoba family and greetings to all honoured guests who have come to give dignity to this historic momentous occasion.

I remember when I was employed by the South African Council of Churches (SACC), Bishop Mogoba featured prominently in the programmes and activities of the Council. He participated in the peace marches alongside stalwarts such as Bishop Tutu, Bishop Manas Buthelezi, Bishop Mgojo and many other priests from other denominations. E ne e le Baruti bao Pasop! Batho ba neng ba tshabe Mmuso wa Apartheid. He served in the Executive Committee of the SACC which was the highest governing body. The impact of this executive committee was noticeable and instrumental in the ultimate bombing of the SACC building by the racist regime of the Apartheid system.

When the PAC, towards the end of Mr Makwethu’s tenure of office as President, was faced with confusion, uncertainty and dissatisfaction amongst party members for different reasons which I will not go into. It was through the Bishop’s leadership skills and passion for the party that he managed to quell the situation by uniting all the different factions.

The current state of affairs in South Africa today is very sad because we are not enjoying the fruits of democracy after suffering for over 300 years under colonialism. We are witnessing our country going to ruin. Gender based violence; femicide; the molestation and mutation of children; our youth are fed nyaope and other drugs; and not forgetting our extremely high youth unemployment rate. These are just some of the atrocities South Africa is faced with. This can be attributed to lack of proper leadership. Our county needs legitimate leaders who joined politics to Serve Suffer and Sacrifice for their people.

In the absence of these three pillars, there can never be a meaningful government. It is no wonder why the PAC adopted these three guiding principles.

Even if the masses want to come up with solutions to try and assist the government solve the country’s problems, there is no political will to listen to their voices. Communities are aware of the drug peddlers, when they report them no action is taken. Rapists are reported and very few arrests are made and perpetrators are freed only to return to society and repeat their offenses.

The people of South Africa are losing patience and the little action taken by the masses is suppressed. Peaceful loving citizens are losing patience with the government and I fear that we may be heading towards a repetition of the July unrest of 2021 that took place in KZN as well as Gauteng, which will come at a high cost for our ailing economy.

Lastly I would like to say to the government that the members of the PAC of Azania on the ground and the nation feel betrayed that all that we fought for was in vain. This lecture on African spirituality will assist heal and comfort the minds of our people in South Africa.

I thank you.

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