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I walk within the council of the wise and unwise,

Whatever I think, whatever I say whatever I feel I dispise,

Within these eyes contain the messages to be relayed consistently within rhymes, without lies,

The darkness inside surfaces when chakras are not balanced and aligned,

So I wait,

Each day its own torture,

Everyday a new sinister plot trys to sway my mind into the abyss of the dark side,

I fight in rhyme but my body is lead by these demonic forces,

So without wasting time I re write this rhyme,

Now my rhythm is moving with light which streams from behind,

Leaving questions undefined explored and answered in time,

Because the key is found in the present,

Become adolescent in thinking and guided by intuition,

In life you live each day a lesson,

So i’m forever asking questions,

Questioning existence made of complacent behavior,

Forever facing demons with wisdom,


Today is love always live the present.

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