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The sunchild is an independent artist, song writer, bass player and sound engineer, originally from Johannesburg South Africa, now staying in London, UK.

Music style could be classified as hip hop soul, alternative folk rock.


Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Common, The Roots, Jamiroquai, Jimi Hendrix, and many others from all genres and era’s.

sunchilds’ debut EP, the exibition @ sunrise is now available for free download on Sound CLoud at http://snd.sc/g53fjn

sunchilds’ Work:

The Exhibition to sunrise (www.soulofsunchild.com):

[wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/1.%20intro%20.mp3″ text=”Intro (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/2.%20get%20it%20together.mp3″ text=”Get it together (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/3.%20aweness.mp3″ text=”Awareness (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/4.%20use%20the%20light.mp3″ text=”Use the light (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/5.%20a%20child%20is%20weeping.mp3″ text=”A child is weeping (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/6.%20take%20a%20stand.mp3″ text=”Take a stand (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/7.%20the%20mission.mp3″ text=”The mission (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”https://consciousness.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/donmattera_speaking.mp3″ text=”Tata Don Speaks Clip 2 (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/8.%20revolution%20k.mp3″ text=”Revolution K (Click to Listen)”] [wpaudio url=”http://www.soulofsunchild.com/page1/files/9.%20your%20song.mp3″ text=”Your song (Click to Listen)”]


AWE’ ness! (AWE’ (Aahhh – weh) to acknowledge/ recognise/ awakening to consciousness)

Awe’! Awareness!
Awe’! Awareness!

Trapped in endless bliss,
Holding on to foolish quests,
What is this?

Let’s change this mentality,
This way of thinking,
Break away from tradition,
Let’s open our minds and see one vision,

Awe’! Awareness!

Come on children,
We all share the same insides,
Open your eyes your brothers and sisters stand beside,
Create new ties,
Take time,
We all combined by a united force called love,
Gift from above,

The hurt, the division,
The poverty, the lack of integrity,
Indoctrinated identity,
Misguided vision and clarity remain no more,
And the fences that once divided you and me,
Have fallen down,

Awe’! Awareness!

Pick up your crown,
We all need to claim and grab hold of this heritage,
In the land we call our own!
Let’s build together,
Use our natural treasures,
Change the weather,
Sing freedom with one voice as we stand together!

The divisions once created are short fated,
Remove the hurt and the hatred,
Start to forgive those who acted on thoughts selfish ignorance created,
Now even excuses justify it!
It’s already been debated,
Now innovate it!

Awe’! Awareness!

Brick by brick we can watch our nation grow,
See our lands flourish,
As the natural is restored to its true home,
Not only within our borders,
But to all of Afrika’s sons and daughters!
Let’s see new rivers flow,
Combine the Nile with the Orange,
Connect through the Sahara then find a way back to their ocean homes,
As we unite in love and continue to grow,
The world will stand in awe of this spiritual view,
Now is the time, don’t be mistaken
Azania you have not been forsaken,
Afrika it is time unite and awaken!

Awe’! Awareness!
Awe’! Awareness!

(Copyright thesunchild)

– end –

One day depression syndrome

And at what cost?
The price to pay?
Foreign odds,
Need a divorce,
Strange feeling, force,
Guiding me on an erratic course,
No power source,
Inspiration fleeting,
Listening to demons,
Inside screaming,
Not dealing with pain,
Outside shining,
Still feel like dying,
Tired of trying,
Can’t stop lying to myself,
Always taking the easy way out,
Consistently kopping out,
Fear and doubt,
Upset by the slightest remark,
Attacks on my personality,
Complacency eating me,
Never freed,
Gods grace eludes me,
Stuck in fantasy,
Slightly crazy,
My intellect and mentality,
Is lost in a university for the deranged,
Not easily entertained,
Praying but doesn’t go away,
Problems stay the same,
Demons change the way they look,
Each angel I trust turns out to be a crook,
Not like the ones in story books,
But they know your fears,
Anticipate your tears,
As year by year they continue to jeer,
Laugh scorn and mock,
Was there ever really a plot?
When all I keep doing is fucking up!

Can’t stop living,
Afraid of consequence,
Not easily convinced that I can overcome this,
Caught up in devils bliss,
Toke whenever I liss,
I hate people’s derogatory comments,
Don’t feel close to humanity anymore,
But don’t wish to elevate myself,
Ill just lay here on the floor,
There’s nothing special about the way I view anymore,
Only if my career is highlighted publicly,
I’m sure then everyone will want to be like me,
I don’t give a fuck about fame or celebrity,
I don’t give a fuck about fast cars or money,
Music is the only thing that makes me happy,
But my fantasy is shared by millions,
Who also feel this is their destiny,
God is watching me,
But still I take Him in the face,
Koop gesig,
Take stupid money squandering risks
Lost in this abyss of insanity,
My only friends a mp3, spliff and a chilli pepper guitar riff,
Dress by my own sense,
Yet singled out, stereotyped everyday and labelled a miss hit,
Cant quit,
The history this life creates to get it,
Will be documented not misprint,
I prophesy this shit,
Never stop,
Not afraid of the clock,
And when I die,
I want the word passion printed on my rock!

– end –

Check out sunchilds’ videos here:


One day depression syndrome
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