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Tail Wagging The Dog

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The beautiful game whose fanatics all love to shows us every once in a while how to do it is not a fairytale and is just another human entity. This is when our utopia is awakened and we realize that it is governed by other humans and not by football gods as we would like to believe. A miasma must have been in the air in Kempton Park on the 26 September at SAFA’a annual general as a new SAFA boss was to be elected. Only daggers and swords short of a Quenton Terrantino movie knives already present with the amount of backstabbing that occurred, In fact a month earlier there had been a SAFA meeting that had ended in fist fights.

The three men horse race between two very prominent figures in South African Football since re-admission who already held some quite coveted sumptuous positions. Irvin Khoza who is Chairman of the PSL and Danny Jordaan who heads the FTF(Football Transformation Forum) one would be forgiven for counting the third party out of contention, This a man diminutive in prominence who happens to be Chairman of the SAFA Referees Committee for the last 15 years . Jordaan’s camp retorted to the Duke’s camp saying Jordaan held a position at SAFA already and should therefore be exempt by saying Khoza is chairman of the PSL and he is also ineligible. Both parties withdrew from the elections and left Kirsten Nematandani as SAFA boss by default. The PSL no doubt in the best interest of Irvin Khoza has gone on to challenge the election saying it was unconstitutional and illegitimate. How ironic seeing that the other parties withdrew from the elections. The matter is still to be addressed by an electoral officer. This election ironically is a victory for the Football Transformation Forum which is headed by Danny Jordaan.

Touted as a coup for the underdog. Jomo Sono and FIFA president are some of the personalities in football who have welcomed the decision. If Kirsten retains the position it would be breath of fresh air for the game and the change could bring about change in game. It would also give some faith in a South African system where it seems certain positions are constrained to a few who have a monopoly of high positions when other adequate citizens should just watch and stomach. The status quo allegiant want to pirate this position claiming this man is an unknown. He has been head of the SAFA referees Committee for the last 15 years and he was assistant General Co-coordinator for AFCON 2008 in Ghana. So if it is about ability he is well capable. On the various interviews he has had he has promulgated his intentions to ameliorate the standard of youth development and he has stressed how the beautiful game should belong to the people of the country.

This exactly why the tail should not wag the dog the game belongs to the people and it should not be shaken up in anyway by Irvin Khoza or the PSL for his territorial endeavours. A clairvoyant ex-boss Molefi Oliphant had forecasted as early as 12 years ago about Kirsten Nematandani taking over the post one day. During Oliphant’s 12 year as boss the effectiveness of his leadership has been dogged by the plummeting prestige of the national team, there have been financial crises and development in the country has been compromised.” I am disappointed and saddened by the way this meeting was conducted. This is the saddest day in the history of SAFA. I think we should meet sooner and resolve whatever issues between the executive members for this would be best for our football and the country’s image in the international soccer fraternity” Molefi Oliphant has since said. Certainly the country is a spectacle the world over because of the world cup next year.

However this was a case of two wrongs that made a right and the people who are custodians to the game ultimately the people should not budge to revert to the modus operandi which allows individuals to have their fingers in all the pies as it is and to be shaken up by one man. Oliphant says that was the saddest day in the history of SAFA. Well it is a day that symbolizes a coup for the underdog that could hopefully symbolize an epoch that could be a catalyst to change and encourage the normal man on the street that the democracy is not failing us in benefiting a few already elite.

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