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Take a Stand

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I have heard it said that we are either black or white or yellow or red or mixed. What is this colour of which we speak, when inside we are all alike?

When will it be time to take a stand? Today, tomorrow yesterday? Or when days go by and your life has passed away? Take a stand for yourself, your community, your country, or is complacency a natural habitat to make haste in search of an uncertain eternity.

Am I being too vague maybe?

We have moved past the time of being victim to a limited view of humanity it’s time to open our eyes and take a stand positively against a blinded society.

thesunchild – “humility is the key to unlock humanity”

Take a Stand

I’m not black,

But the epitome of my history,

My genealogy,

Stems from men with dreams,

Throughout times ancestry,

I live I breathe,

I feel,

The drums which beat,

The beat of my country,


Yet deep within the rhythms and grooves,

I flow with words,

Which could have been written to a Shakespearean tune?

Like a mid summer nights dream,

Freed within this scheme,

My skin glows and gleams with the mixture that birthed this being,

I am not white!

But blessed and cursed to carry the light,

To those who have lost their sight,

No mythology,

If you feel real,

Then you feel what I feel,

This word has been passed,

By the creator and maker of our combined destiny’s,

For you and for me,

Because together we have been placed,

Brought about by lies with ties to Medias politicians,

When the real pastors,

Stand among us,

The real leaders,


Prime ministers,

So believe,

I speak this word only in truth,

Because since enlightened,

My search has lead me to speak to the youth,

Who lose their way as they are lead astray,

By those who portray love,

As money, nice times and what others think,

Blink and be swayed,

Blink twice then we back again,

Simple man,

Humble plan,

Heal your land Its time to take a stand!

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