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Tebogo Nakedi is a Soweto born Mafikeng raised passionate freelance Graphics Designer,researcher specializing in philanthropy work,  he has been doing charity work for the past 6 years with one of his co-founded Organisation; the Sunnyside Crime Prevention Youth Desk, based in Pretoria Sunnyside which Still Operational. He is currently busy with other charity initiative. Tebogo is also a Comrades medalist. Poetry comes natural to him.


01/09/07 -Spring day

This Poem was inspired by the general beauty that unfolded that day first day of spring I met a beautiful intelligent lady called Daisy and she happened to be allergic to pollen… later that day as I was sitting alone quietly reminiscing upon the day’s events observing bees doing what they do best the words started to unfold…the inspiration behind the pierce never had a chance to see this pierce that is why it is so special to me.


The day I met daisies sing.

The day I met daisies sing.
Lately such blasphemy is associated with the word bling.
Damn!!! … What a beautiful thing…
Only the eyes ague with the feeling, coz what meets the eye…
But if you asked me I’d tell you I met daisies sing…

It was clear beauty and intelligence had long sought and found expression through her.
Daughter of the soil, she has been kissed by the African sun, and how blessed would I be if I kissed her too.

The irony of the story is she is allergic to pollen.
How could it be?
How could she be resistant…? Resistant to the seedling of her own expansion.
Is her striking resemblance somehow attributed to the season that just started?
The season whence roses and daisies dwell and make love

Questions will come and go but she sure wouldn’t be making any pollen.
She sure wouldn’t be attracting any bees.
In that light, next time when she see she should call me Pollen,the only Pollen she can accommodate.
So through me together we can sing the freedom song.
And let the bees derive pleasure from us.
And through the bees we can make love.

With these pictures that just unfold off in my mind like a waterfall, I can assure you, indeed I met daisies sing ………….

– End –

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