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Rolland Simpi Motaung

Rolland Simpi Motaung is a founder and facilitator at Trymph Education, an education company that offers private tutorials to tertiary students and business consultancy. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, education, creative arts, media and gender studies particularly from an African context.

The Book of Proverb

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Authors: Tebogo “Proverb” Thekiso and Paballo Rampa
Title: The Book of Proverb
Publishers: Penguin Books (2020)

There are a numerous paths and definitions to success however in our pursuit we might tend to forget to take a moment to breathe, acknowledge the process and show gratitude. Tebogo “ProVerb” Thekisho and Paballo Rampa challenges us on our own definitions of success and reminds us to have faith that we are exactly where we are meant to be because one’s journey is as worthy as the next person.

This effortlessly written memoir offers an array of valuable lessons for anyone seeking inspiration. Proverb’s passion for people radiates in each chapter, exploring topics such as family; power of networking and parenthood. Other themes discussed include entrepreneurship; dynamics of marrying young; financial freedom and dealing with social media.

Like any journey there are a few potholes thus acceptance and adaptability become necessary aspects to enable one to keep moving forward. Proverb’s acceptance of his waning music career and adapting his skills set into the broader entertainment industry-through radio producing, TV presenting and co- owner of a production company- is an affirmation that it is okay to be flexible. In essence, letting go of things that no longer serve you, being at peace with your journey and staying open to new paths are some of the priceless ingredients for success. For instance the author states that he never intended on working for #IdolsSA, however when the opportunity presented itself he captured it (and the rest is His-story)

As many successful people would agree, success is not a one-man-show. Proverb acknowledges the power of collaboration and networking with powerful entertainment figures such as Nimrod Nkosi, DJ Fresh and business partner Gavin Wratten propelling him to greater heights with their advices and support.

Due to a patriarchal setting, men speaking on issues of mental illness may be seen as weakness and shameful. Proverb digs deep in sharing about his depression and attempted suicide showing a level of vulnerability, what can be argued as an indication of enormous strength and courage. Traditional masculinity endorses men to suppress their emotions, an act that usually leads to toxic behavior. The author inversely argues that men should pro-actively verb-alize their truths by consciously locating the source of their pain and to rather see life’s challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

The book leaves us challenged on what is our personal definition of success: Is success about academic achievements? Is it about financial freedom? Is it family stability or about having healthy mind, body and soul? Whatever one’s definition of success is, this book encourages us keep the passion burning, to be patient and receptive. In our relentless pursuit of #Winning and achieving #BlackExellence status, we must remember to be fully present in the moment, celebrate the small victories and always show gratitude.

Despite the risk of repetitions due to the unconventional structure to this memoir, overall this is a brilliant book. For those who have followed Tebogo “Proverb” Thekoso’s career this is a mouth-watering nostalgic feast. To those who have been recently introduced to him, this offering is a pool inspiration from one of the most hard working and humble media personalities in South Africa.

Rolland Simpi Motaung ©
November 2020. Midrand

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