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The Durban July

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A sporting event or a blooming Midwinter’s party?

I met some dude from outer space the other day, a die-hard ‘know-it-all’ who started arguing with me saying that even though fashion plays a prominent role in the festivities of the Durban July it is in actual fact a sporting event and quintessentially about horses. Yeah right!

The ESSENCE of the party…

Formerly known as the Rothman’s July but now as the Vodacom Durban July this annual horse racing event is hyped as one of S.A’s prime annual social event. It’s all about the fashion, the art of socializing, the sipping of champagne beneath wide-brimmed hats while sucking in winter bellies squashed in between figure -tight corsets…yep it is about the checking out of rears (and I’m not talking about the horses’ either), the exchanging of business cards, the ass kissing in the name of ‘making connections’ and all that pretentiousness funk. I guess this is what the connoisseurs mean when they speak of high culture, right? For some it would seem the event has little to do with the horse racing than it is about the fashion as well as the keeping up of appearances. Attended by the crème de la crème of Mzansi’s celebrated figures from politicians to entertainers to plain wannabees whose main ambition in life is to meet and fraternize with so-called celebrities, the 114th Durban July is bound to be one helluva of a Midwinter’s party as well as one helluva of a fashion parade. Word!

The COMPETITIONS at the party…

In 2007 it was Kabelo Modise, in 2008 the Capetonian Lara Klawikowski and most recently Skye Pengelly from Durban. I’m talking about the winners of the coveted prize of the Durban July Young Designer’s Award. This competition is aimed to catapult the career of the young designer by offering the substantial prize of a weeklong trip to London for the London graduate fashion week as well as R10 000 rand in cash.  This year is bound to have some mind piquing and perhaps quirky showings with the theme “It’s a Blooming Great Day” – whatever that means but since meaning is relative anything goes right? In my mind I am wondering if Khanyi Mbau will be attending and what showpiece she’ll shock the masses with (as well as which Sugar daddy she’ll hook up there whilst there), I’m also wondering what  self-proclaimed fashion fundi Miss Uyanda Mbuli will be wearing, and who Gareth Venter will be designing for and lastly(somewhere at the back of the subconscious intellectual faculty I think), I am wondering who the next young designer to be unleashed will be… frankly I think the design industry is already congested with many so-called ” promising” or “budding designers”, but this is just my opinion so don’t shoot the messenger.

…the PARTY!

This couple was awarded the most striking couple – Go figure!!!

Blooming and bright!

Pretty in Pink

Being the hustler that I am I managed to get hold of the following pics of some of the most striking couple’s at this years Vodacom’s Durban July. It would seem that it was a bloomingly eventful day afterall (and I think I finally understand the theme hehehe)!

Most probably by the time you read this article the winner would have been announced for the  Durban July Young Designer’s award, the fraternizing consummated at the after party and after- after party and the fashionista’s crowned by the media paparazzi. But remember that you first heard it here! Haha word!

Stay bloomingly beautiful till next time!

The 114th running of the Vodacom Durban July took place at Greyville Racecourse on Saturday 31 July. For more information on this sporting event go to www.vodacomdurbanjuly.co.za

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