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The History and Management of The Pretoria Old Fire Station

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The Old Fire Station ,which is a 108 year old historic property ,was founded as an art Hub by a non-profit organization called Fishr of Men in November 2013. The Tshwane municipality granted Fishr of Men permission to occupy and utilize the property as a space where artists can create, distribute, and showcase their work.

The people who run the Hub are nominated by those residing at the Old Fire Station and are responsible for the efficient management of the facility. Quarrels have however been known to take place at the space,as rumours and allegations of corruption,exploitation of artists and illegal practices have surfaced over the past few years.

The Old Fire station has been caught in contention between the organization and the municipality since July 2015 when the municipality decided to rebuke its permission to Fishr of Men to occupy the building, stating that the city required building as office space for municipal operations. The municipality’s attempt to evict the organization failed,due to the letter it issued granting permission for the occupation of building in 2013.

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