The Parental Guide to Financial Education

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Author: Masizakhe Lekhulene
Title: The Parental Guide to Financial Education
Publishers: KigSiza Publishers (2019)

The Parental Guide To Financial Education is intended for use by parents in order to provide the necessary guidance to their children with regard to financial education. Topics in this guide have been systematically arranged. It is important to indicate in this guide that the mode of raising children has changed drastically. As parents, we raise our children aiming that they will survive in the ‘real world’, by applying the values and traditions passed on from one generation to another. Some traditions and values fade out or adapt into modern society.

Parenting, for example, has changed immensely compared to the olden days. Let us go back many years ago when life was simple. In the stone ages, humans survived by hunting for food, finding shelter, and finding a mate to carry the gene pool onto the next generation. In order for the next generation to survive, parents taught their kids everything they knew, from making a fire to hunting and defending themselves from harm’s way. Now just imagine a scenario where parents had failed to teach their offspring to make a fire or which plants were edible and which ones were poisonous.

The guide also outlines the important background information about the origin and development of money as this is core to financial education. However, it was necessary to present the views of parents on the use of money. The answer to the question that children may ask about where money comes from is addressed in the guide. By referring to “quick money” the guide further presents the responsibility for using money under the following aspects: Saving, spending, earning, opportunity, cost budgeting and investing.

It is important to note that the guide will assist parents to raise their children, among others, with the aim is to prepare them for survival in the real world. It will be noted throughout the guide that parents assist their children to acquire financial education by actually having them involved in financial activities. Parents are guided on how to teach their children. The jar system referred to in the guide is one of the most important things for use by parents in teaching financial education to children. The guide also presents challenges such as unemployment, overspending, etc. as they are encountered in the financial world and the internal financial implications, for example, resulting from reckless spending.

Finally, a guiding note to parent mentorship will assist parents to play their role as mentors of their children in financial education.


About the Author:

Masizakhe Lekhulene was born and raised in Mbombela Mpumalanga. He is a modern entrepreneur, who holds an engineering honours bachelor’s degree in technology management and a bachelor’s in chemical engineering. He is an informative writer, whose style of writing is mainly focused on educating his readers. Like his first book the gluten-free lifestyle, where his focus is to introduce a way of living to those who are gluten intolerant, and in his second book the focus was on parents and financial education to their young ones. His books are published and all thanks to KigSiza Publishers. His books can be ordered via Watsapp on 082 062 4953 or alternatively via email at

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