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The price of a woman’s love

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by Bonny-Blue

The price of a chicken, the price of bread, the price of petrol…the price of a woman’s love…yes every woman has a price and this has nothing to do with prostitution…If you didn’t know that a woman has a price to her love (and I’m not talking dowry/Lobolo) then your paradigms must shift, even Jonny Bravo knows that to get a woman’s undivided attention he ought to impress her.

At least most men have lost the very essence that got most of our forefathers together and kept them together for that matter!  Brothers don’t even make an effort to woo those that they claim to love anymore.  Oh someone please wake me up when these men get their charm back, that’s if they even had appeal to begin with.  Men need to learn that before and during the course of a relationship women long for a man to make her feel special and very few are getting romanced like they supposed to lately…

Where’s the game at brother?  Maybe forgot it somewhere? That game that some guys think they possess doesn’t go beyond the basketball court.  I don’t even remember the last time a man has tried to impress me (or maybe I’m just living on the wrong planet) I haven’t even heard a sister tell me a jaw dropping story of how she and her man got together.  It’s funny how lately I’ve been hearing a simple “Sister I ‘aint tryna impress you, I just want to get to know you better” and how exactly are you supposed to get to know me better if you haven’t tried to impress me at all?  Can someone please explain this ideology to me because clearly I’ve been living in a bubble or under a huge rock or maybe I’ve been a sleeping beauty woken up by a Prince ‘I’m NOT trying to charm you’.
Did I wake up in a age where NOT impressing is impressive?  I don’t know you tell me, I might have been sleeping through God knows how many centuries.
I think this ‘getting straight to the point’ Doctrine is interfering with the escapade of finally calling someone your own after days of carving  notions of what you are willing to contribute towards the relationship.  There is something extraordinary that happens in the human mind when someone has worked hard to get something…A sense of achievement! What happens in a woman’s mind is that if a man is willing to work this hard to get me in his life then I’m pretty sure he will do just the same to keep me.

Show me anyone who will give up what they acquired through back breaking, dragon slaying work without a fight and I’ll show you a half baked man/woman.  Remember that what is worth having is worth fighting for.

You get out what you put in, you cannot contribute 1% and expect the outcome to be 20%.  How on earth do you expect to get with someone if you don’t make an effort? It’s like trying to create a life without the sperm!  A wise woman once said “A man has to go through some kind of obstacle to get a woman he wants, or it will be evident to him how much he desires her.  A man will do anything he can to make it past that barrier so he will not be robbed of the one he desires”

Men don’t need to shroud her with a million roses to show he cares…trust me one rose picked on the side of the road will make her smile the whole day, now I’m not saying every man must go on a rose picking spree…Y’all should know that not all girls love flowers be creative, but you get my train of thought? Hopefully.  Society has distorted the true meaning of courting in a way that value is not found in something that money can’t buy.  Then Brother man you need to create another way of sweeping that girl off her feet, for instance I’m the kind of girl who will appreciate a letter written from the heart because there is nothing more special than having your heart on paper (do people still write letters? Or have they resorted to wall-to-wall posts? I’m just checking)  so not having enough money is not an excuse.  You make a woman feel more special when you don’t have the means but you still try!

So what extraordinary story are you going to tell your children one day?  “You see my baby I met your mother in a pub and I asked for her number and before I could even finish my sentence she was my wife?” wow how ‘delightful’
Now women are as faulty.  ‘Playing hard to get’ is a word that needs to be framed in a museum somewhere.  Mind you there is a difference in a little teasing and playing impossible, I think the guys will agree that a little teasing excites them right?
Men love chasing, don’t take the privilege away by being too easy sister because what happens at the back of a man’s mind is “If I could penetrate that easily then how many other men are capable?” Pun intended!

The point is men like chasing and women like being chased and please don’t even try impose the 21st century reformation of women hunters on this article, that’s a topic for another day!

Signed: Bonny-Blue

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