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Time is not my friend

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Mind drifts away freely as thoughts of her captivate my imagination constantly,

Like a mid summer nights dream,

Shakespeare’s words are not even poetry,

I imagine what life could be?

If one as fair as she was riding the wave next to me,

On intellectual property we would fly away,

And physically I’m sure,

We would flood fake passion, lust and heartless ambition with jealousy,

Even with only one meeting I know our souls have met before,

And each time I think of her

It re-ignites passion, favourite moments and past times we have shared before,

She is to me what day dreams are based on,

Not even the most beautiful painting or sunset compares to what my thoughts of her are traced on,

All day and all night my heart sings this song,

With you is where my heart belongs,

We only crossed paths for a few hours,

But during this connection it felt like my mind was lost in hers for an eternity of summer showers,

Now time moves by split second at a time and each moment that passes I dream of days to come where the two of us can begin to take our time,

Bask in each others glow,

Every now and again a slight nudge or wink,

To let each other know that we have been placed together to watch one another grow,

I don’t want to take it slow!

Each day with out her smile, her voice, and her touch is torture,

Yet I know as with all things,

Seeds must be nurtured and given time to grow,

Although all I want to do,

Is let her know constantly how I feel,

Still can’t come to grips with what’s fake and real,

So I wait,

Wrapped in thoughts chained with steel,

Until time will once again be my friend,

And my heart will be with her,

And then ill know if this is real.

Copyright Keenan Bailey a.k.a thesunchild

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