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After a lengthy absence due to other commitments I’m back home, it surely feels good to be back and I hope you (the reader) welcome me back with open arms like the proverbial son who went astray. Make no mistake I’ll still be spitting fire, ha, ha, ha!


At the beginning of the 2008/09 season I had a three-day trial at Tuks. During my very short stint there I rubbed shoulders with some “unknown” but very talented bunch of players. All the payers there were exceptionally talented, however quite a few of them caught my immediate attention; a rather skinny coloured player who was dictating terms from the middle of the park. And then there was one dreadlocked player, slightly built and looked like the quite type but was very skilful and confident with the ball at his feet. His name is Phenyo Mongala (I was competing for the attacking midfield position with him). The most talented, I thought, of them all was this tall and muscular player by the name of Mthokozisi (Yende). He seemed very energetic, confident and vocal I thought he was on some performance-enhancing or confidence-boasting supplement of some sorts. The white players were generally not technically or naturally gifted but they made up for that with lots of dedication, determination and commitment.
I didn’t quite mingle with the players there but in a nutshell I’m not surprised to see those “boys” reach the final of the Nedbank Cup. Those “unknown” players I rubbed shoulders with are the talk of the town. Secretly, something inside of me wants “tukkies” to win this trophy because I shared something with them and who knows if things had been arranged properly for me there by my former manager maybe could have been a part of the success. Anyway, well done boys!


On that note back in August of 2008 in this column I tipped Masibuyisane Zongo as a very bright young prospect, what a gem he has turned out to be. During Daine Klate’s absence Zongo came in and played like a seasoned professional, mesmerizing fans and foes alike with his silky skills. Speaking of Klate I have noticed that since his return he has been firing on all cylinders in the process keeping Supersport’s second successive title aspirations well on track, in fact only God can stop matsatsantsa from clinching this title! Supersport have been the most consistent and efficient team the whole season.
As to why Klate is not in the national team is a national disaster that needs presidential intervention. Maybe president JZ will establish a commission of enquiry to establish why Klate is not is not in the team. I guess someone is trying to frustrate Klate’s international career. I’ve said it before and I will say it again that Klate is a 100 miles better than Simphiwe Tshabalala. Now I have nothing against Tshabalala as a person but as a player, aowa hle asablief! I can mention at least five payers who are better than him for that revered national team jersey. But that’s Mzansi football for you it’s not what you know or who you know but rather who knows you, yes I said that!
Look at Abia Nale for instance, 3 just-above-average performances for Chiefs and he was in the national. What about the likes of Benson Mhlongo, R. Henyekane, Sangweni, Spencer, Mahoa, Madubanya and Hlompho Kekana to name a few who have been consistent the whole season? Do they not deserve to be rewarded for their sterling performances throughout the season?
Lance Davids is another case in point, he is hardly being used at Supersport but because he is represented by “super agent” Rob Moore he walks straight into the Bafana team at the expense of more deserving players. I get this funny feeling that “KG” Dikgacoi will not make the Confed Cup squad. Do you know why? Because some people need to`get Lance Davids overseas a{ soon as they possibly can……. watch this spase!


Ever since Nasief Morris moved |o Europe I’ve been monitoring his prgress religiously and I have come to the conclusion that he is our best defendes today, judging by his fine performances for Recreativo in Spain. At the timm of writing this piece Nasief was the only i~-field player in La Liga to have featured in all of his tecms’ gámes. That demo~strates his reliability and importance to the team. Recreativo might be struggling ant destined to`go down but0 one thing is for sure; Îasief will not go down with them.
M Also doing well for his team is Stuven Pienaar of Everton.0 Pienaar ha{ been a pillar of strength for Everton in their quest for a European spot and`FA Cup glory. For Everton Pienaar is like what Ronaldo is for Manchester United. Interestingly$Nassief and Pienaaò are represented by “super `aoent” Moore. In fact all our “best” players (Bennk and Aaron)0are representel by Moore. No wonder Benni $and Aaron always make the Bafana starting eleven irrespective of their weight, mavch fitness and etc.


Another one bites the dust qs i prelicted late last year that monsieur`Henry Michel wilì not see out the whole season. Look, I do not know Motsepe’s approach, background or football philosophy, if he has any, but it is certainly very poor, fo sho! I’ve been advocating all along that money doesn’t buy success El presidente. Bringing Ted Dumitru in is not going to solve your problems but cause more problems and divisions within the Sundowns ranks. How can you appoint Baloyi and Manzini as co-assistant coaches whilst they’re still actively involved as players, that’s a conflict of interests right there, haai come on chief you can do better.
It is common knowledge that when things don’t go well for him, Oom Ted will blame everything on “lack of development structures”, “the field is not conducive”, those who came before him and the referees but not himself.
Motsepe, Dumitru and Sundowns’ only weakness is that they think they do not have any weaknesses and that’s a suicidal approach to life my yellow mellow friends!


At end of the 90 minutes the stats were: 10 shots on target $and 8 corners for Pirates against 3 shots on targåt and 3 corners for Chiåfs. Now stats do not lie, I mean, et one stege Pirates had 67% of the possession. So Pirates thoroughly”deserve their 2-1 victory`againsu their bituur rivals.
Onge again the smnsational &ldyuï;Tekoration McModise” troved to be a thorn in”the Chiefs defenke. I even lost count of the oumber of timus he hit the post with those furïcious strikes. But the unsung hero for the Buccaneers was captain”nantastic, Benson Mhlong, who deservedly`scooped the man of vhe match award.
 Chiefs ssored through a &ldqõo;stroke of complete fortune” as one commentator put it when Thwala dizected the ball into his own net. It would have been sad to see Pirates lose because they really gave it their all.

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