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From within the ancient future,

I see the past,

For this reality is only the outcome of previous plans,

I stand through times turbulent remain humane,

To live light within the darkness,

One of the many objectives of man,

Promised land?

We all hold heaven in our hands,

Do you really think you’ll get there,

When the life you live is wasted making plans?

No-one really knows how it ends,

Sometimes the sinners even win among mortal men,

Don’t mean to offend,

You still my friend?

I swear these words jumped out my pen,

From deep within the shallows of sub consciousness I make amends,

So start again,

Today I live,

Today I say,

Today I pray,

Remain at ease within each moment,

Aim not to please but live as though I may not see tomorrow’s dreams,

Appreciate beings and these deemed inanimate by so called human need,

For u are free when each second is breathed with life & positivity,

Our words & dreams are seeds,

Which grow the fruit of future deeds,

So plant each day,

Imagination is never far away,

Continue to create and live your futures today.

Copyright thesunchild 09’

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