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Born/ raised Khayelitsha Cape Town, work at a bank as a consultant. Have always loved story telling and have finally geared up the guts to find out if I have real talent or not. I love narrating or living through other people, they view of a situation fascinates me more than mine.

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Noble daughters of the soil, did you know that the first ever female Leader In the world is African. King Sobeknefru, she did not obtain authority of Pharaoh through regency, nor was she named Queen which actually just meant at the time “wife to the King”. No, she was a King, a god, a true Pharaoh. Sobeknefru was the rightful Heir to Her father King Amenemhat III after her brother Amenemhat IV had died. she ruled in Egypt from 1806_1802BC she was the last ruler of the 12th Dynasty. Many Female kings followed after her including the one most popular to us King Cleopatra the IV. Perhaps in order for us  to try and fix the femicide in our Country or Continent is through channeling the power of our ancestresses, maybe if we dig deep enough we will find King Sobeknefru’s voice, her defiance and her will. She defiantly took over the reigns from her brother after he had died, she did not marry a man who would then be her voice and then she’d be Queen as expected. She mostly referred  her Ruling to her father. Today women speak only when they are told to speak by men. We lead in corporate society to fulfill some political agenda and not because we are believed to be capable. When hundreds of girls in Nigeria went missing there was some political explanation as to why they were, excuse my ignorance I do not speak for women but am appealing to women to speak up, to do more. In South Africa on social almost every day there is a post of a girl that has gone missing, on the news there is a report almost every day, of a girl that has been reported missing, or raped by her father. The question is not what are men doing about this, but perhaps the hand that rocks the cradle does rule the world. We must Channel the spirit of Sobeknefru, Cleopatra and many other Queens or female kings that stood up and said “I” will nature Africa, I will nurse him. I will breastfeed him with my Love my patience my Defiance my Honesty . I will do right by his children I will take care of them”. The policewoman looked at Thembi and said “I remember your speech on TV that day, word for word” now almost with tears in her eyes she said it cannot possibly be you that is at the bottom of a vodka bottle in a domestic dispute, you politicians are all the same”. Thembi’s voice trembling, she looked at her and said “does this look like a dispute to you”. The policewoman continued with her work and took a statement, Thembi further looked on her right and asked “Why are you taking pictures”. The man answered ” evidence, it’s procedure ma’am”. “If you want to capture my pain look in the eyes of my children, the horror is stored in their soul”.

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