Transformation Competition

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Transformation Competition

First runner up: R500
Second runner up: R350
Third place: R150

The theme is any one the three:
Transforming the inside

1. The competition runs from 15 March 2011 to 31 May 2011
2. This year’s competition is open to only Gauteng Residence
3. The competition is open to everyone who has writing skills
4. Poetry entered might be added as content on the website
5. All entries should be a maximum of two pages
6. To enter the competition, request the entry form from info @
7. Where applicable contestants are encouraged to copyright their material, and
those with copywritten material, to indicate so.

Background of the site,

An art based website, majoring in poetry literature. This is not a stand alone
organisation, but supports other art based organisations and community

Itolofiya is a Xhosa word for a strange fruit known as a “pricklypear”. Its a
pear-shaped fruit with prickles(or small thorns) all around the exterior. The
beautiful thing about it is that you have to be extremely patient, smoothning
the thorns arpund before you can actuually eat it. The inside is not anything
like the outside its a delicious fruit. Mostly that’s what poets/writers focus
on; the emotions, their feelingsof anger, frustration, pain, love and
appreciation of the world around them. Basically the fruit is what matters, the
inside matters!

There’s more info on our facebook page too! Itolofiya

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