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Financial Service Providers serve as pockets of our respective countries while keeping our interests secured, and our economies afloat. Their valuable assets are made up of versatile mechanisms and communities in a volatile surrounding, notwithstanding its populace. A fraction of these organisations seek to better individual and collectives’ accrual royalties. However, the Old Mutual Group has accomplished the accretion of unearthing and nurturing human potential. Those directly and indirectly involved with the institution will concur.

The Thirty Ninth National Choral Festival exceeded expectations with a stance set a notch above the ordinary. Well over six hundred voices soothed revellers into the holiday season with melodious and dulcet coordination. The growth of the competition stretches back to a horrid and roughshod lifetime where the music was without fault and mistakes, here young hearted audiences, appreciating progressive listeners and even the moist behind their ears, were astounded.
Registering debut participants, the Chitungwiza Harmony Singers exchanged dialogues that proved the universal language of sound as an infinite happening. Reverent Mongezi Boloshe kept patrons roaring with laughter between the introductions and exodus of choirs along with rib cracking Bulelani Moyo and Putco Mafani. The Johannesburg Music Initiative Orchestra accompanied thespians with organic finesse along the well accoladed eminent hummingbird and citizen, Pretty Yende.


After an exhilarating two day presentation, curtains closed with prizes taken back to the studio rehearsals.
Scooping the grand feast was Sound of the Nation, the most subtle contending ensemble led by the incredulous Mohau Mogale’s conduction. Second was the North West University Serenaders, another conglomerate that captivated listeners and roller coasted them through a motely of thought, feel, call and response dynamics, and not one was listless. Double steps away from being the ultimate winners was Voice of the Nation conducted by Xolani Fraser Nqasana, a meticulous baton holder that gave a convivial and thrilling timbre to Rossini’s Inflammatus.
In totality nearly five hundred thousand rand was castled by winning choirs. Winning choirs in the standard segments were Simon Estes Alumni, Joyful Harmonies and Prince Mshiyeni Choir from Kwa Zulu Natal with a well-constructed act that kept audiences at the edge of looking.
A swerving vocal duet is proliferating in continuum to transcend the scales of previous competitions, singers and choir masters put their athletic vocal prowess and abilities at the helm of their hard work for inevitable transformation. As we stride from yet another year end, organisers have hinted at the next anniversary, to be humongous and exciting.


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