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I am a black brother who fell in love with word art a while ago. My pieces are mainly based on life experiences and how beautiful living is, I express my love for poerty and mankind through every line I write. Poetry has somehow managed to keep me sane throughout the years when all the madness of the world became too much to handle and at times I feel I owe this art my time, love and honesty. Originally from Rustenburg, studied in Pretoria, nothing literature related, i must add but that didnt kill the love, nothing ever will.

Today I smile

God’s soft hands woke me up with a gentle touch,
My eyes opened up without me doing anything much.
Today I smile,
It was no mission stepping out of bed,
Heard a bird chirping in my head.
And I knew my hearing was still intact,
I immediately knew it’s God I had to contact.
Just to be thankful and say grace,
got on my knees and sang him praise.
Today I smile,
I am in love and I am loved back,
Loving like this leaves a broken mirror with no crack.
One of God’s angel’s is now mine,
Came my way and left me staying on cloud nine.
Today I smile,
My mom called just to say hi,
My roomie knocked on my door just to say bye.
And thinking of how I love my family leaves on a high,
This love is endangered and costly no man can buy.
Today I smile,
Still hassling and pushing, never to get tired
Minimum-wage, not yet rich and still not bothered.
The love i possess keeps me going, keeps me strong
Feeding on this daily I know I won’t go wrong.

Today I smile with my heart and laugh with soul.

– End –

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