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I am an artist looking for ultimate actualisation of my gift. I work and live in Accra Ghana. I believe that life is a gift to be treasured, wherever we are. I love dabbling in words and wonder at the worlds that they can be used to create.

Tsiate Totimeh – Poetry Feature

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I bumped a man in town today
Sorry was all I could manage to say
He smiled, as if I had caused no pain
And I wished the bump would happen again

A wish like that, sounds quite unwise
But lessons of life are better learned twice
The beauty I saw in that man’s eyes
Belonged nowhere in this world of lies

This world where troubles make young hair grey
Where virtues are sold because men can pay
Where goodness is held in some disdain
And greed is all some people campaign

We wake up and trudge the hours out
Achievements are fettered with self doubt
Daily the sun rises, so we must rise
And purpose is lost in the world’s eyes

We’re toiling and pushing, achieving more
But screaming inside, subduing the roar
Of human spirit yearning for love
A hunger implanted from heaven above

The beauty of created land
Is swallowed by clutter of human hand
We learn, we strive, we work, we grow
But daily abandon the weak, the slow

The hours whiz by, the short days fly
We vigorously chase and don’t even try
To treasure the blessing of a human being
Connecting, sharing, truly, living

Computers invade our social space
Smartphones cloak friendships and take their place
Blessings diminish because gratitude
Is smothered by entitlement’s attitude

Community fizzles into nothingness
We’re each immersed in our worldliness
The beauty of a world where family should thrive
Is ravaged by millions of singular lives

Death looms large, undefeated foe
The ultimate leveller, destination below
And yet we forget, that life’s fickleness
Deserves a reverence for love’s tenderness

The hours of life we see today
Never return, they’re gone, away
The lights that shine, the lives that count
Are those that turn other lives around

The man who knocked my breath away
The man who hurt but didn’t say
Showed me that this world come what may
Has goodness to brighten each passing day.

Goodness to brighten each passing day

– End –

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