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Victim Of Your Own Demise

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Thoughts roaming freely on the borders of insanity,

Here is where we breath creativity,

On subliminal frequencies we ride the waves of existence,

Do all see the possibilities found through words spoken positively?

Seek knowledge progressively as love illuminates the essence of living beings,

Even death objectifies the truth about eternity,

So live out your fantasy carefully,

Without fear of predetermined misery,

Don’t be all you can be,

Be what you want to be,

Beautiful or ugly,

Why worry when those who know always see,

Along the way try identify as many as you can,

What is a righteous man, when you sit and yet your brother stands?

Never give in for that is the plan of those who draw borders around little pieces of land,

Claim it as their own and then say who has to leave and who gets to come in,

I must be an alien because I feel akin to all life forms in the universe,

This is the essence of my existence,

Within this heart and mind lies a soul floating endlessly throughout space and time,

Regenerating consistent streams of knowledge based on humility,

We are but part of the fabric woven into ourstory,

In life and death I now walk with no other policy but consistency,

Fearlessly await the days of coming tests,

As I live for today and prophesy all my tomorrows,

Speak night into day,

Where others choose to pray detached from creation,

Fascination, my source of contemplation,


Accept your interpretation unfazed,

Carry on walking unscathed,

Bathed in love,

Nothing less nothing more an amazing weapon when used wisely,

Lest you be a victim of your own selfish demise.

– End –

Copyright Keenan Bailey a.k.a thesunchild 09′

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