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What is Freedom?

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The word freedom is made out of two words which is free and Dom .To be free ,is a condition of being able to live without external imposed restrains for the internal part to flourish. The word Dom is from dominion or domain. Dominion is power and control while Domain is a place/territory that you control or anything that is in your possession. The word freedom can be expanded to have the following words (without external forces and restrains, internal control ,dominate ,place ,land ,domain ,territory ,possession). When someone is controlled by outside spirits, the normal results in madness and loss of freedom. If a country is controlled by outside forces, freedom will just be a dream.
Most Africans are suffering in their own countries, yet foreigners are flourishing as they are in control of all the internal affairs. When a country is free, the indigenous people will be the ones who controls everything including the wealth, land, education, religion, culture, laws and all mineral resources. Unfortunately if all the above are controlled by foreigners, then foreigners will also control and have power over the people. Unless the internal have dominion over the external, freedom will be just a dream. In all the countries of the world where the indigenous people are not controlled by the outsiders that result in true freedom.
Freedom in Africa?
I have briefly explained the meaning of the word freedom. It will be now easy to see whether Africa is free or not. Most African countries are claiming that they are free yet they are 100% controlled by external forces, they don’t have power over their domain. African constitutions are not African but European, Africa is trying hard to be Europe. Most of the laws that govern us are founded from Roman Dutch Laws. Europe is insisting that African countries must have democracy so that they will easily extend their control over African countries through these Euro-centric constitutions that govern African countries. Ghana is the first country in Africa to claim to have received freedom, one of the world largest producer of gold yet Ghanaians are extremely poor, their gold is being controlled by outsiders ,outsiders are enriching themselves with that gold and that is considered as democracy at its best.
In Africa the land is not controlled by Africans that means Africans are not dominating their land but the outsiders are dominating. If the external controls the internal there is no freedom. In South Africa about 80% of the land is owned by a small minority group which is not original Africans. The majority of South Africans are without land, and that makes it difficult for the Africans in South Africa to even produce their own food, they are depending on buying. True liberation will not happen if your are not controlling your own land because everything that makes one rich comes from the land. If you don’t control your land then you are powerless and you have no freedom.
Our dress code, food, language, weddings, funerals, culture, education, laws and almost everything in African countries is European influenced. Most of our leaders are actors on behalf of Europeans as they are following Euro-centric constitutions and constitutions are the ones that govern a country. Africa is very rich, but her children are very poor as she does not controls her wealth, but foreigners are the ones who are getting rich out of Africa’s wealth. African languages are classified as second languages then Europeans languages are first languages .The reason for that is that Africa is still begging for hand-outs from Europe yet Europeans are enriching themselves through Africa’s wealth under the name foreign investors. Every time when our leaders are speaking they make sure that they will speak things that will impress their European masters, and that happens at the detriment of African people.
There is still a long way to freedom, when I was still at school ,our teachers were punishing us if we speak our African languages, they wanted us to speak English, we were not free to express our internal language , but the outsider’s language was controlling the internal language. We were punished for being what we are in order to be what we are not (after all we are still slaves under Europeans). The internal will not flourish if it is still controlled by the external. Africans will remain poor if they are still controlled by foreigners (Europeans) YOU DON’T HAVE LAND, YOU DON’T HAVE FREEDOM. SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE
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