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When you get there

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Age brings wisdom, 
Though some demons never die, 
We hope and pray that positivity keeps them at bay, 
Yet they merely lay and wait for the right time, 
So school your mind, 
Because this battle is for life, 
Stand guard and make good preparation,

So when they come,

You are ready for the fight, 

Pride and envy,

Fear and insecurity,

Tools they use to fuel your instability, 
Use your heart and soul,

Build with knowledge based on peace and clarity, 

Not easily obtained,

Because the truth is that this path you walk alone, 
Although thoughts radiate throughout the universe, 
Only prayer, reflection and meditation will help you grow, 

Stay in touch with the mother always, 
Even when you fear you are wrong, 
For she is the embodiment of negative and positive and from her all things have come, 
Whether you walk within the valley of the shadow of death,

Or dwell among the righteous, 
She is always there, 
Close your eyes and have no fear, 

Find peace within the journey, 
For you only understand the destination when you get there. 

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