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I am wonderfully and fearfully made...I am blessed and Highly favoured.. u ta xi kuma lexi u xi lavaka - I bring up issues that provoke debate. Very compassionate, caring, God fearing -NOTHING CAN SEPERATE ME FROM THE LOVE OF GOD MY SAVIOUR


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When I want to feel the presence of the Lord I listen to the songs that have power, songs that deal with the cross. Because we can’t get so advanced that we forget the cross of Calvary, we can’t get so progressive that it was the cross that saved us, it was the cross that purchased our salvation; and it was His death on the cross that made it so we may have a right to salvation and eternity. 

See, there is something in the blood of Jesus, and when you are washed in His blood you can’t help it but to know that the same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead is the same spirit in us. This is why He is called Emmanuel “God with us”. Some people may not be used to the power of the cross, but we have to learn how to worship the sacrifice of the cross, because if it wasn’t for the cross, we’d still be in the devil’s hands.

We must learn to worship Him because, the same God gave Himself to be wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, and He was beat down for our sins. We must know that, it is the cross of Calvary that gives us access to eternal life, it was the bloody cross, it was a cross of sin, a cross of suffering, it was a gory cross; He was beat all night long, His body was ripped to shreds and He didn’t say a word because He was purchasing our salvation.

I want you to know that it was by His sacrifice that salvation has been extended to men. You must know that people that worship Him are not just jumping around and speaking in unknown tongues but they are blood washed, Holy Ghost filled, fire baptised sons and daughters of the most High God. These are of a peculiar nation, the chosen of God, and you can only become a Priesthood when you accept Jesus to be your saviour and believing that He died and rose again on that third say.

We must know that when we worship and release our eyes to Him and tell Him “Lord I know my help will be coming from you, you give me peace in times of the storm”, tell Him “Lord you are the source of my strength and I lift up my hands in total praise to you”. With worship like that, God can’t help it but to release all of Him and before you know it, you are free from the bondage of sin, free from the bondage of poverty, free from afflictions. God will bring you total breakthrough just when you think it is over with you.

The book of Acts 16 tells a story about Paul and Silas while they were in prison. They thought it was over but something caused them to start worshiping God in song and in prayer. The prison foundations began to shake, doors in the prison opened and chains were loosed from off them. When you worship Him, it must not matter what situation you are in, just worship Him always. You may be in a situation where you feel God don’t exist in your life but when you seek His face and worship Him, He will see you through. Be blessed as you make worship a part of you.

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