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You took me to a corner

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You took me  to the corner

today . . .

I cost you R20, that’s all you had to pay

What grounds do I have, how  NO can I say

for if this I do, for this I shall be slay

my world Is  S   P  L   I  T

women that are mothers have resorted to use me on corners to beg and sit

they rent me

drug me

is there anyone who will actually love me

This is the awareness page, reporting from the corner of many streets in Johannesburg, south Africa.

Alarming?           Shocked?                      Perplexed?

Somehow more of these stories flood us and seem to revolve around one central theme… children

We have shone light on human trafficking, drug mules  ,children as soldiers and now…

Rent a child to collect money for you at street corners – 8 hours in the sun and in winter hours upon hours in the cold.

The Innocence of a child has been lost and is on the decrease

I am asking myself, how humanity has reached such a depleted level of compassion?

Diagnosis: humanity have lost consciousness in there hearts.

Symptoms: numb heart , unconscious mind, selfish life, narrow thinking

Care  to     give  your      diagnosis    and symptoms       found?


can I say
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