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June 16 this year remarked the 32nd anniversary of the National Youth Day in South Africa, an important day on which the youth of this country is celebrated for the progress it has made given the injustices of the past. If we look back at the manner in which the day has cemented itself on the calendar, one would realize that, it just did not came out of the blue to be celebrated. For starters, it was back in 16 June 1976, when the students of SOWETO took it to the street around the township, mobilizing every school around to protest and demonstrate their disgruntlement over usage of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in the educational infrastructure. The reason why the above mentioned is being put into context is one, youth of this country are the same people that the leaders of today are looking upon them to ensure that the good legacy of this country is going to be carried on, even tomorrow when they are no more. One leader of African National Congress, Mr. Julious Malema whose leadership role endorsement was questionable, has made a very ugly statement in a youth gathering somewhere in Thaba-Nchu, to say, “we will take the guns and kill for Zuma if he is incriminated”.

For God sake, the reputation of this country is still questionable world wide on what has just happened lately, the Xenophic attacks among our fellows from the other sides of Africa. The same challenges that Malema was supposed to address, specifically the education issue, is the same basic need that Malema is lacking. You can not incite the youth to say you will kill for somebody and later when scrutinized, claim that your statements were coded out of context. You see maybe we are lost here, that is the reason why education is vital among our youth members, either politically active or not, the same context on which the public has coded Malema, is the same context that killing is defined in the Oxford dictionary if Malema is not aware of such, unless if he does not know if the word dictionary exists.

Well to some extend, it is not surprising, Julious Malema is used to this kind of controversy, before the Polokwane gathering in December last year, there was an e-mail which was circulating canvassing for his self confessed ally, bad mouthing the premier of Limpopo as if he was given a paying tender to do that. On the 16th of June 2008, when he started addressing youth with his intoxicated language, he said “we” are willing……….., maybe he is lost as I am here Malema, see the problem is one here, the “we” he is talking about it is still not clear who is he referring to, maybe his uncle, Vavi, because him as well, is one kind of a reckless comrade, who is busy prostituting politics of this country as if he is going be voted Minister of vulgar language. Malema and his Vavi, who openly spoke about it on the radio that he was coded out of context, should not fool anyone, the people they were dressing are same people of their age, killing is killing, it does not have any contextual meaning.

However with Julious, it is not known as to whether he went on to join the Youth League with Cosas mentality or what, because youth league has a mandate of being 100% youth representative. Now, he, going to the youth to annoy it with him being a Zuma man, that is not our concern and it does not worry us, and by the way, for his information, no one is above the law. What makes Zuma to be seen as somebody to be over the law of this country? Education is the same thing that educated people like the office of Mokoatedi Mpshe (Vusi Pikoli) is doing, because they are applying the same constitutional governance of this country and that is the simple reason why Zuma is being prosecuted. Go back to school my friend, you will see the importance of education! It is to protect the dignity of the same politics you are claiming to be representing. Follow the constitution, principles and guidelines of your political party, do not go into politics because you want to pursue or follow the interests of an individual within that political party, your mandate is purely, 100% youth representation, no exception, stop using youth league to achieve your mischievous useless games.

Education, Education, this is the reason why non affording guys by then as you are claiming, trusts such as NSFAS have been established to finance your academic achievements. Lastly, if the ANC is going to allow hooligans like Julious Malema to destroy its good reputation like that, then there is no use for it to rule this country, through that disgusting conduct, there are only few bad things that can be achieved! Barbarism, Bad Conduct and Lack of self respect. In total, that adds to make up confusion and self entrapment that will hinder your tomorrow’s success and that is something that is expected out of the focused youth of this country, not people like Julious. There is a certain group that Malema qualifies to lead, not the youth of this country, and he should not be given a chance to do that. Moreover, he was later called for a TV interview, instead of showing off his leadership capabilities, he instead sent his Secretary to go for such interview, surprisingly, the secretary herself gave an excuse that the reason why their party is under this scrutiny is because, English is not their mother tongue. My understanding is that, if a leader has made a mistake and was criticized, he/she should take a full responsibility for that, not cite language as an excuse for the mistake. That is just not acceptable. Malema must go and study the history behind June 16, 1976 maybe some little education will click in his mind.

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