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Zamokuhle Madinana – Poetry Feature

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there is a plenty
of growing fetuses of hope
inside a womb of time

dark yesterday is devoured
by famished fire
in a beautiful land of new dreams

tranquil skies bestow
desolate hearts
with new thoughts

time resurrects dead hopes
from a gigantic grave
of pain

& the face of today eventually bears
rainbow hues
because we are heroes
we rose above dark typhoons of life


fragmented freedom

we are sailing
in an ocean of lies
it’s a journey with no destiny
we are slaves of silent voices
our choices
are always drenched in streams
and our dreams
are shuttered
burnt and scattered
we are the victims
of indoctrination
and commercialized religions

only illusions
are reflected on the mirrors
of life
& the truth is distorted
coz our royal
and ancestral
blood has been diluted
by western acids
evil gods speak
in immortal voices
and we bow for devil
donating our souls


elegy for fistos

he met a womb
of his tomb
the scorching thighs
of a desperate
in the prickling
streets of jozi


a song of freedom

leaders remained blind
& deaf
while the placenta
of her freedom
was unraveled

they stole
& tore
her soul

& tears
in marikana

babekuphi abaholi bethu

when police
& capitalists
were weaving a blanket
of war

when my people were plunged
into an ocean
of agony

women bleeding
for their husbands
children weeping
for their fathers
men dying
for their rights
& azania crying for freedom


a beautiful night

she shelters
me in her warm heart
wipes cold
ocean of my tears
by her warm smiles

my pain withers
between the beautiful
hills of her bosom
she heals my broken yesterday
with melodies of her voice

i dance in liquid flames
between her voluptuous

we are wrapped in a moonlight
immersed in bliss
& enjoying a virgin kiss
of a beautiful night



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