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Africa Land of The Disabled

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AFRICA LAND OF THE DISABLED -Impucuko the word is from the one Kuphuca meaning someone taking something from you. Kuphucuka means to lose something or allowing something to be removed from you. Africans are now in the process yekuphucuka. As a result they have allowed to be robbed of everything whilst claiming they are being developed and are progressing. Lifa letiwula lidliwa tihlakaniphi one writer once said if you don’t understand how the system works everything else will confuse you. Indeed the biggest downfall for Africa is ignorance about how the system works. Other nations like the Asians have mastered the system that’s why they are active not disabled, their economies are growing. As a result most Africans are participants of their own destruction. Unfortunately some are not aware that they are part of the destruction of Africa, but they think they are also helping in solving African problems using the very same tools given by those who have caused the problems. Several ism have been introduced in Africa as if they are here to solve the very same problem created by the system yet those isms are here to create multiple problems for Africa eg. feminism .Those who are ignorant about how the system works they found themselves partaking in the destruction of Africa and some are not even aware that they are destroying, they think they are building eg. those who claim to be feminist. Because they don’t understand how the system works they found themselves participants in their own people’s destruction. Some are aware and behind the destruction of Africa, just to fill their stomachs – especially those in politics, remember most Africans cannot think beyond their nose and their stomach they just think about filling their stomach without thinking about the future generations. They eat and drink the future of their children. Even Kings are participants of the destruction of Black people, looking for solutions from them is a waste of time because they are also part of the system. A real king will rather die than seeing his people landless and foreigners enriching themselves with the minerals of Africa. Real kings were killed during the struggle what we have now are imposters.
Some races are prepared to suffer so that their future generations have enough, but that does not apply with most Africans that’s why we are full of sellouts. Africans have become the great participants in the process of disabling themselves in the name of impucuko. The current government in South Africa has done an outstanding job in disabling Africans far better than the Apartheid government I’m sure those who chose the ruling party to govern South Africa are very proud of the job the current government has done. Remember that government are selected by the rich for the rich, the poor do not have any voice in choosing. Theirs is to endorse what the rich have chosen for themselves. The disabling of Africa has resulted in Africans producing nothing and are just consumers. Today we drink what we don’t know, we eat what we don’t know, we don’t know who makes our clothing, we don’t know the owners of the shops, we stay in houses that we did not build, we live by foreign culture, use foreign language, judged by foreign laws, ruled by foreign constitution, we don’t own banks, we don’t own insurance companies, we don’t know the makers of the furniture we sit and sleep on, we worship what we don’t know, we don’t own our school curriculums, we have imported the education system, we don’t own our health system, we are killed by diseases that we don’t know, we drink medicine that’ we don’t know, we are not part of the development of the technology we use, we don’t know the makers of the guns we carry, we are controlled by laws that we don’t know, I can go on and on but the truth is that our hands and brains are disabled and we have accepted that as development and say siyaphucuka when we are getting disabled. Today everything is given to us, now they are talking about the 4th industrial revolution and we are not part of that plan, we are just waiting to consume what the revolution will produce. The Europeans, Arabs, Chinese and Indians are part of the coming revolution which will take away the jobs that Africans are always fighting and killing one another for. Because Africa is disabled they are waiting to see what products will be produced by those who are players in the revolution as Africans are just consumers .
The system has place several institutions which seems to be helping us yet they are here to disable us. The first thing to disable us was to take away our land so that we cannot be able to live on the land by keeping livestock, produce our own food, producing our own equipment, fishing, hunting and to even be able to eat wild fruit. Today most of the fruits and vegetables that even vegans boast about eating are not originally from Africa, they are foreign we used to have our own fruits and vegetable (titselo neticadzi) some which were growing by themselves in the wild. Because we eat what we don’t know we also have diseases that we don’t know. Media, Education and Religion are the most dangerous institutions for disabling. Our oppressors have even taken possession of our seeds even if we want to plant we have to go and buy seeds from them. This evil system has destroyed most of the organic seeds and left us with the generic ones. Their seeds have no life, cannot be re used .We used to produce everything we needed with our own hands and at one stage we were even more advanced then them. Today even if we tell our children that we once did this and that, they wont believe it the way we have become disabled and comfortable in our disability, and that’s why a large population of black people are living on grants because they a disabled. We can no longer work with our own hands. Most Africans in the process of land claim chose money than getting land back because they are disabled, they don’t know what to do with the land. In the rural areas most of them cannot even dig their own pit toilet, but are waiting for the government to dig for them after all they are disabled. A man with both hands waiting for the government to build him an rdp house is a shame after all he is disabled. Even birds are able to build their own nest but some Africans no longer able to build themselves houses, they are waiting for government and the government is indeed pushing that agenda by promising to provide everything for them. To be continued….
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