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Antidote to city life

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In the world scientists, Cosmologists have discovered that the world is in its existence due to a big bang (mistake) of energy, most especially the gathering of particles in the atmosphere and the over abundance of matter from anti-matter, they believe that that the world, life and society as we know it could not have been without that mistake of elements and that our civilization and every living thing that surrounds is here because of a mistake. Something right went wrong and BANG! We have Humans, Plants, and animals. Creation shaped its form, not only that but they have calculated that in a couple of million years to come, a humungous meteor will come and wipe-out the planet. Simply put, we were not planned and one day we will die… I’m not sure if I’m ready to embrace the idea of being from a species of chance or impulsivity and that someday I will just evaporate into the cosmos, even though I was not a planned child (show me someone who is) and my parents conceived me at a juvenile stage. My interest is not about why WE are here or where we come from but more on how we can make this space we’re living in a better one and how we can plant more thoughts in the garden of Edenvale.

As with most things, life is made up of a balance: earth and sky, moon and sun and good and evil. Any interruption of those laws can cause a disaster of great magnitude and the results won’t be as flamboyant as the ones expressed by individuals mentioned above, which reminds me of the popular phrase “All work and no play make jack a dull boy” or as a party planner would say that all work and no play make the proletarian a boring house guest, to avoid being left alone at the punch bowl one needs to find a balance between professionalism and party-ism because we all need that break, a pause in between surviving and the daily hustle and after a long day at work, or college, or being stuck in traffic on your B.E.E hind, you deserve a time-out.  Sounds like a commercial? (Then it probably is.) Try a prescription, prescribed for the well balance of your sanity.  A capsule from an escapism company, I recommend you read the following information carefully to avoid any side effects.

Pick up a hobby even if it is joining a pottery class. Find something to do with those few seconds you’re given to exhale.  The city offers a number of options for entertainment. From theatres, museums or the occasional movie you take your girl (or boy) to, as most things in life are better enjoyed with a partner or like-minded people. It makes it much more memorable.  Often in our quest to finding significance in society, a lot is lost and forgotten, most importantly The Simplicity of life. Which would explain why majority of a population turn to addictive substances that not only pollute our conscious but also deter our frames; all this is done in pursuit of an escape, an alternative from the pressured lives we live. The reality is that you can never escape yourself, not only is it impossible but somewhat outrageous. I suggest you take a walk on a different path than the one given because Life is unique in its complexities. We complicate it by excess, “I need to get this so I can become or I need to be here in order to belong”, and even though that is the direction that our uncontrollable civilization is taking.  There is a deeper consciousness to why we’re here than the WANT to approve and be approved.  The chase of gold and a seat on the table of wealth is what has led us to the metropolis. Let us not forget ourselves in the search or find ourselves buried in mediocrity, struggling do distinguish between the man and the money. Finding a balance should be as important as locking your doors when you go to bed at night. Neglect that responsibility and you could lose far more than you have bargained for.

This requires a distraction, an antidote to city life. The Metropolis is built in such a way that it forces us to live separate lives from each other, we’re neighbors but strangers to one another (difficult for one to borrow some brown sugar) and as a result people have drifted further apart from UBUNTU (I am because you are, hence we are). The antidote is not so much about what you do but with who you’re doing it with. What do you gain from the company you keep and the books you read (I’m assuming that you do read) as a people, we go out into the world to experience and absorb what we have learned only to return to our “communities” to share that knowledge, it has been done so for centuries and scientists can even trace it back to the stone ages (Big strong chief go hunt food and bring back, people rejoice and eat and we dance around fire, tribe is strong and nothing go wrong). It is how a society progresses and how relationships are strengthened.  And in modern day society, everything is working backwards; we’re advancing in a lot of things besides knowledge of one another and mutual understanding. An imbalanced generation, too much of anything is a trap as Newton’s law states that “for every action, there is a mutual and even opposite reaction” take your dosage in moderation and in whatever you do, do something that reminds you that you are still alive in the machine.

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