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Welcome to a Wordsmiths World,Where appellations is the mother city ‘sound is the town and the Republic is efficacy.

Banana Bread 3rd Edition – New Voices Compel New Spaces

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Dependence is an unfavourable aspect of the human lifespan that hinders our quest to treasure trove and create new frontiers leading to self-subsistence. Our directions tend to be changed by resemblance, in subsequence; we end up in flocking with the clog, to get along. Without a doubt, this creates a “same difference” habit. A load of proficient artists are changing the notion, on a day and in a tick.

As the season chills, the music becomes warmer. On nine April, a platter of sound will be served at the Plat4orm. The lineup is well cooked and simmered by the fresh forges of significant vibrations in a thespians spatial occurrence.

Deliverers of white hot performances are trajectories of Yusuf Makongela. His comical ways of depicting what is real will be consumed in sincerity. Hummingbird of singing parts Melo Moore guarantees to wither commonplace listening away, for her compositions are mouthwatering. Our wordsmith’s grazing is far from shriveling, just as they wilt, Flex of He and I is scertain to awaken them.

This Sundae is for breaking bread while copious music and conversations lilt into an expedition of incitement. My take? This is will definitely be cool bananas.

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