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Black Culture Education Tour

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A 6-city orchestral tour with artist and activist Simphiwe Dana, in which she will visit surrounding rural and township schools on a personal exploration to increase awareness of the state of public education in South Africa. This exploration will encompass school infrastructure, literacy, libraries, teachers, individuals, communities and resources. Our intention is to inspire and mobilize active involvement from the grassroots level up; across individual, community, business and government lines.


  • To raise awareness of the conditions in rural/township schools to see how we
    can all contribute to both quality and equality in the South African education
  • To run book drive campaigns in six cities to raise books towards libraries in
    disadvantaged schools.
  • To produce a documentary film of Ms. Dana’s personal interactions and findings
    on this journey of discovery and inspiration.
  • To produce a live DVD of Ms. Dana’s orchestral performances from the various
    venues on the tour.


The Black Culture Education Tour will afford the public an opportunity to experience and share in Ms. Dana’s life-long commitment to action. They will be able to see her in all her many facets as an artist, activist, mother and concerned citizen. Simultaneously, her fans will be treated to a six city series of live orchestral performances.

The key component of the tour will be visits to rural and township schools, where Ms. Dana will bring attention to an issue that she holds very close to her heart: the inequality in the South African education system. We are going on a fact finding, solutions driven mission to inspire a nation into action, starting with the individual. An accompanied documentary will capture these events interspersed with live performances by Ms. Dana and the 40 piece orchestral performances in the six cities visited.

The education aspect of the Black Culture Education Tour will include:

1. Literacy Campaign

  • Equal Education, GCE and 1Goal will organize book drives in all city stops.
  • Enlist city schools to adopt a township school in their area with the aim of sustaining a library establishment program and other forms of support.
  • Storytelling, reading and writing

2. Infrastructure Exploration

  • Ms. Dana will interview students and teachers in both city schools and disadvantaged schools to investigate the disparities between them.
  • To explore how these disparities affect the outcome of a student’s performance.

3. A call to action:

  • To enlist community involvement in making a change towards a better education system. Students, parents and teachers will form part of the solutions needed.
  • Inspire local business forums and city schools to instill student support initiatives and improve upon the infrastructure in the local township schools.


The tour will end off with a free finale concert in Johannesburg that will feature local artists, government officials and business leaders in support of the cause.
This will also be used as a platform for Ms. Dana to share her experiences on this
personal journey and report some of the challenges faced, as well as some of the
successes achieved.

Marketing and communications:

Boldasmusic.com intends to negotiate with various media houses – including television, radio and print – for potential partnerships. These include media houses with both a national and regional footprint. Based on who these partners are, we will design a media campaign tailored for maximum impact and penetration. The campaign will be drawn up with clear objectives ensuring that:

  • The purpose of the tour is highlighted
  • The sponsors and associates of the tour are clearly represented
  • Public participation is encouraged
  • The performances are well attended

Our communications and public relations strategy will include the following:

  • Press statements
  • Television interviews
  • National and community radio interviews
  • National and community newspaper interviews
  • Social network ie. Twitter and Facebook
  • CD signings and giveaways

To ensure success and sustainability, we are a team of like-minded organizations whose sum is greater than its parts. Our partnership includes two Non-Profit organizations whose sole focus is education: Equal Education, GCE and 1Goal! The alliance not only.

Who we are:

Boldasmusic.com is a web-based initiative that explores our global interconnectedness through music. With a focus on South Africa, this medium is used to not only promote the music itself, but the rich cultures and heritage that permeates through South Africa. In the process of illustrating the many dimensions of the artists, we will follow and engage in their passions and convictions through their involvement in both a virtual discussion about sociopolitical issues and Ubuntu initiatives addressing education and music education in South Africa today.

Creative Worx Entertainment is a lifestyle marketing and media company specializing in events, media and integrated marketing communications (IMC) for entertainment, corporate, as well as non-profit making companies within the private and public sector.

Simphiwe Dana’s voice transports one to that golden era in South Africa’s history, to that Neo- Soul destination, establishing her reputation as a more spiritual and introspective musician and songwriter.

As a multiple award winning artist, Simphiwe Dana is one of South Africa’s top female vocalists who is about empowerment and upliftment of Africa and its children. Simphiwe has just released her third much awaited album, Kulture Noir. The album has already reached number three on the European World Music Charts, as well as number one on the German World Music Charts. The album is also nominated for three Metro FM Awards.

Equal Education is a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equal education in South Africa, through analysis and activism.

EE is a community and membership-based organization. It advocates for quality and equality in the South African education system and engages in evidence-based activism aimed at improving the conditions at our nation’s schools. EE is a leader in youth leadership development, whose campaigns, based on detailed research and policy analysis, are aimed at achieving
quality education for all.

EE promotes the rights to equality and education, with the firm belief that these will enable the poor and working class to an equal opportunity in life.

1GOAL is a campaign seizing the power of football to get all children into school and learning. Run by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), 1GOAL mobilized millions to help ensure Education for All is a lasting legacy of the FIFA World Cup. 1GOAL continues to call on world leaders to make education a reality for 69 million children by 2015. (www.1goal.org)

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