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Black People Are Too Lazy To Think

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In as much as we are 16 years into democratic emancipation, it is quite amazing to learn that in the society we live in, there is still people living under the dark shades of poverty, illiteracy and lack of information. The cause of this among the least, being probably the ignorance of people and any circumstances beyond their control.  If one looks at the prevalence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, it is quite amazing to again learn that it is predominately rampaging the black society, and if one may ask the cause of this, it is neither but ignorance, lack of literal education and the so called “ government is not doing enough”. Of course, as much as we voted for the governance of the ANC, I turn to disagree with the notion that government is not doing enough to take care of its people. Yet on the othr hand, the same government can still be held responsible for unfulfilled promises that it had made to the people, but on the same level it cannot be held responsible for any societal unrest.

The reason why I specifically refer to black people as a practical example for instance is if one looks at the HIV/AIDS infection rate within the African continent, it is found predominantly in the black society. Being a black person as I am, I have had a little introspection and in comparison with other African people living in outside of Africa in the diaspora, I find it difficult to get answers as to why black Africans living in the African continent are always vulnerable to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. To this far, I still cannot find a constructive answer as to this conundrum. I would like to believe that ignorance and being allergic to the responsibility of one’s own life seems to be the state of bliss.

Further than that, it has to be acknowledged that, of course individuals alone cannot be blamed for circumstances that at some instances, happen to be beyond their control. It is of a common instance that some of our own leaders, especially those holding positions of power and authority are the same people who might be aggravating the whole situation. On this debate, I would like to cite countries such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Democratic Republic of Congo as practical examples that from time to time, there is always a bit of civil war and power monger-ship as a cause of this problem. But apart from that, I still want to revert to the point of origin to say: that ignorance and fear of taking responsibility for our own lives is the main cause .

In South Africa, we have seen so many unbecoming anti-human relation behaviors that one alone can sit afar and question the fate of his people?  Take the most recent xenophopic attacks which have put this country in such a vulnerable position on the international map. Will one be correct in saying that, government cannot be blamed for such instances? I am taking here of the trade relationships that we have with the international community. The same people who were perpetrating this situation are the same black South Africans who are just sitting somewhere at the corner of the street, blaming government for everything and waiting for life to happen. I then ask ‘is this the sort of behaviour that is expected from a person who poseses common sense? The same debate of education will again come into effect, and I need to be quoted correctly in this regard. By education I am not talking academic achievements and accolades; I am referring to a natural way of thinking and emotional intelligence. Black people at instances find it very difficult to deploy their way of thinking and at the end of the day, government will be blamed for their behavior and same actions will compromise the government’s plans that are aimed at bettering their lives.

Again, the same education infrastructure which has on several circumstances been subjected to a severe scrutiny by the same black people who complain on a daily basis about everything else. Government has put measures into place, several public schools have been subsidized, and 100% by the government, yet majority of people are still not going to such schools citing poverty as the reason. On that note, I am quite excited that the very same government has developed organizations such as South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), which is aimed at redressing the imbalances that might exist in various communities. Yet still, the same people who are eligible to have access to such, of which some of them are already beneficiaries of such initiatives are reverting from education. Other than that, the accesibility of institutions of higher learning has often been seen as a major concern amongst my fellow South Africans; as they cannot afford to enroll in such institutions. Talking from experience, I am aware that going to University these days is not affordable, the same government that people have often blamed has put measures in place to ensure that the opportunity is afforded to everyone.

I am talking here of institutions such as National Student Financial Aid Bureau. Much as the education is part of our democratic emancipation, government has opened doors for everyone to make sure that the slice of bread is shared amongst all South Africans. However, given the fact that we, black people who live in South Africa are lazy, and in most cases often increase poverty, and dwell on the ineffectiveness of government as a distraction from our failures, forgetting that we need to go out there and source the information . That is one reason we are caught in a dilemma that will only take our own initiative to get out of the mess.

These issues have often been raised by our leaders in government, we need to get rid of permanent students at our Universities and open a door of learning to aspirant people who are often discriminated against by those who are too greedy to give others a chance. You can imagine a student who has been in a particular University, using such government funds and having been there for the past eight years and still doing the same course, that is just ignorance. If those eight years were used effectively and efficiently by such students, definitely the same government’s money which is being misused, could assist in alleviating poverty amongst those in need of such assistance. Let us face the facts black people, we are too lazy to think, information is out there, ready to be sourced and be used effectively, we are lazy to read and thus blame government for the forth coming century for our own laziness and mistakes. What we know is to commit crime! A learning channel is open, all it needs is for us to rise to the occasion and grab it!  Period!

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