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Sometimes the stars should just shine brighter than ever. smiles. Well its very simple. I am not crazy, i am not an alcoholic, i am not a druggie person! I am just special in that special way!

Boston Barbeque Constantia Park, eat what you want as much as you want ! 

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012 567 7152

E mail: reservations@bostonbbq.co.za

Cnr Braam Pretorius and Lavender str


The consciousness team discovered the most amazing place anyone could go to.   It is a restaurant that motivates you to eat as much as you can without worrying about the bill.  Unbelievable, I know, but it is true.  You don’t have to go to a wedding or a hotel to have a feast! You don’t have to crash some rich kid’s party to eat all you want!  Now you can have your own big meal with friends the whole night with the guarantee to get too full to even do the number two in the toilet.

Yes if you haven heard about them, then you have bad friends.  Boston Barbeque is buffet restaurant that is sent from heaven.  It has all the food you could want starting from your sea-food to your deep fried chicken, your veggies, your fruits, your desert etc…  Hey, there are chefs there who are ready to whip up a self complied stir fry just for you.  You get to choose your own ingredients and sauces to make a tasty stir fry that you created yourself, its an incredible feeling, It must say and a tasty one too.  This is starter, main course and desert for one price that is rare today due to economic problems in our country, I mean the term “ranta e wile” direct translation “the rand is low” is literal these days and you can only depend on your noodles or free food or going to your mom’s house because there is always food there.

Well the consciousness team says have no fear!  We are here to find these things for you, to save you from the urge to eat good food at your own party, wedding, business dinner etc.  Yes you don’t have an eye problem, this is not a joke. Boston Barbeque is the perfect place to throw a party, wedding reception or any event that involves a lot of food and drinks.  There is the bottomless option that applies to your “soft or hard drinkers” if you know what, I mean you know we all love those.  Its a perfect place for a girls night out, or a family reunion, so you don’t have to go to your crazy aunts house who is going to make you clean up when your vision is starting to get blurry, we’ve all been there, or your too tired full to even move from you chair.

Trust me you are making the right decision by trying the Boston Barbeque out and telling your friend and family about it.  It saves your money, time and tummy.  You get to enjoy good food and spend time with your loved ones.  Boston Barbeque also offers a great atmosphere, company, friendly faces at the door and service that is so wonderful that your meal tastes great.  So be conscious about Boston Barbeque and go there to enjoy yourself your worth it.  We all love good food!!!

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Boston Barbeque Constantia Park, eat what you want as much as you want ! , 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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