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Evil Eurocentric System

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The system that we are living under wants man to be feminine and woman to be masculine. It is an evil system that is always fighting against nature. A man who behaves like a woman is considered a real man and a woman who behaves like a man is also considered a strong woman. It says a man and woman are the same and they must compete. Instead of complimenting one another in marriage, the system wants competition. With this system careers are more important than raising well trained children who will contribute in building a society. Parents are no longer raising their children but they hire someone to do that, as long as they are making money and advancing in their career that is fine. Every parents need to raise their children and instill their values in the children. Children do not only need money to grow, they also needs to be developed spiritually, mentally and physically by instilling good values. That is not a responsibility of a maid but of the mother and father of the child. Children are dumped in creches as early as 3 months or less. Such woman who has never raised any kid are called strong women and sometimes awarded as woman of the year. The maids are real woman and have raised children for the so called strong woman, but ignored and considered as weak woman. A woman who has never raise a kid cannot be a strong woman or woman of the year. They award those women in order to encourage other woman not to raise their children. Most of the youth are sometimes called by the same woman as the lost generation yet they never had time to raise those children and instill good values in them. Women are taught to live without a man and those who are married wants to divorce in order to prove that they can also live without a man. Every woman wants to be called an independent and prove that she can live without a man. Women who had failed in marriage, whom are disobedient, cannot maintain a home and build strong family are considered as powerful, independent and strong women and usually awarded for such like ‘woman of the year’.
Man and woman are not the same that’s why they will always need one another. They are not suppose to compete but to compliment one another. A man cannot play the role of being both the mother and father to the children, just as a woman cannot be both the mother and the father. Making a baby needs a woman and man, so even raising one needs both. If you think you can be both, why don’t you become both in the process of making the baby and make the baby by yourself? A woman comes with the egg and the man comes with the sperm – the two compliment one another and make a baby. If we continue to allow this evil eurocentric system to dictate our lives; within a few years there will be no homes and families in South Africa especially amongst Africans. The society will be a very sick society full of crime, drugs, hatred, anger, violence and poverty. Woman are calling men trash and they forget that most of those men who abuse them were raised by them, and are the ones who gave birth to them instead of asking themselves “how were these abusive men raised” they think calling them trash will solve the problem. Since now we are living in the age of broken families, most children are raised by women and if what they raise becomes bad they need to also sit down and ask themselves how did they contributed to raising those boys. And I know that some women who will read this will be defensive instead of doing introspection they will shift the blame to someone else yet most of those boys are raised by them. Some might even attack me instead of looking for solution to our problems. They will rather march against their own children and send a petition to the government to solve the problem and the government will not solve anything because they are part of the problem, the government is a tool for pushing western propaganda which is meant to destroy Africa. There are several big companies who are benefiting from the demise of Africa, they don’t want to see Africa united.
Feminism will never solve anything, but escalate most of the problems – because after all, it’s an idea pushed by the west to destroy African families. It will help very few women and place them into positions of power yet at the bottom it will destroy a lot of women, including families. Feminism has created a big war between men and women, and there are those who are benefiting when African men and women are fighting one another as it is happening now. We are supposed to work together not work against one another, but today there is a big war and we know the beneficiaries of that war. The government and the media is perpetuating that war, they are in no way trying to calm the situation because anything that is destroying Africa is funded and supported by media and government. We also have confused so called conscious woman who are feminist who are pushing the very same western agenda that has destroyed Africa, some are also claiming to be cultural teachers or sangomas yet they are destroying our culture from within.
UBUNTU can be the liberator of anyone in Africa, whether woman or man because it doesn’t allow anyone to oppress and dominate another. Any idea that is pushed and advertised by the media will never build Africa but destroy it. What has feminism achieved in Africa? Except broken homes and families and a few women in high positions whilst the rest of them are suffering and violence against them is on the rise. South Africa is the country that pushes feminism more than most countries in Africa yet its still has the highest rate in the world when it comes to femicide. Feminism does not solve problems for women because its an idea that has been pushed by the media to destroy Africa, which is creating more problems for women and the country at large. Africans like to neglect what is theirs like UBUNTU and adopt all useless ideas(ism) that have failed even in other European countries. In UBUNTU we don’t have a matriarchal or patriarchal society but we work together with different responsibilities to build the nation. No one is superior to one another because we need one another to fuction. Man cannot live without a woman and a woman cannot live without a man. Feminism is teaching our women that they can live without a man and that is a lie we need one another.
Let me say this again and again Men and Woman are not the same and what differentiates them is not only the genitals but there are more differences about them, that is why they need one another. If man and woman are the same then they don’t need one another. A positive electron does not need another positive electron but it needs the negative one in order to function well. When u pair two positive electrons together there is always a conflict. Where woman is strong man is weak and where man is strong the woman is weak. They both have strong and weaknesses .Normally where the other is weak the other is strong and where the other is weak the other is strong in order to full compliment one another. In order for marriage to work they do not need to compete but to complement one another to build a strong home. Where the other partner is weak the other compliment that weakness. Unfortunately these days men and women are taught to compete not complement one another and that leads to divorce and separation. When the two compliment one another they always feel the need for one another but if they compete and function at the same level they don’t feel the need for one another, that leads to divorce .Africans used to understand that we are not the same and for that reason we need one another to function well. If we are the same then we do not need one another. Nobody is inferior to the other because they need one another to function very well. Just as without the woman there cannot be a child and also without the man there cannot be a child they need their differences in order to produce a baby. Men comes with the sperm and woman with the egg then a baby is produced and that is complimenting one another not competing. SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE..NDAUWE
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