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Hush – My Clitoris is speaking

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SEX! What have we not covered? The never ending underrated, overrated, over analysed topic. We have read books about sex, Titles and portfolios have been created to accommodate those in the ‘know’. We have gurus and fundis and their claim to ‘stardom’ is analysis and discussing ‘openly’ about this act of pleasure once labelled taboo to even utter its 3 letter words.

Men have been cornered for the lack of participants and where literally , educated in ‘how to please her’, while Women are at the centre stage as the main objects responsible to maintain and update all that is related with sexual appeal from looks, to actions ,the overall packaging of intimate ventures have been placed heavenly on us women. To which might come across as a bit unfair as one observer said ‘why is it that everything is placed on our shoulders?”


Is it not enough that I have to make sure that the household is maintained? Is it not enough that I have to make sure that the kids are well fed and looked after, then it’s the homework’s , plus PTA activities , if it’s not that I am faced with having to make sure that my career is also nourished ‘said Thabile with an evident irritation on her face. Then I have to look good, smell good, dress up for certain occasions, then come home and dress down as the pots won’t mind my stilettos but my corns and calluses will see the end of me (she went on). Being a woman is just downright dirty. It’s a never ending task; I am a mother at home, a professional at work, a maid to my family, a lover to my partner and a whore in bed (this woman was on fire).

I took Thabile’s concerns and went home with yet another weary heart, as I knew that her story is a reflection of other stories waiting to be told, stories that would push one to be a nun, stories that we have all heard, read about yet each time a Sister cries out its the extension of sex and its pro’s and cons becomes larger and larger to a point that the much talked about topic has been exhausted. And when one is required to write an article about SEX you can imagine the anxiety as I keep asking myself WHAT AM I GOING TO WRITE ABOUT? Everything has been covered, all the tricks have been tried and tested behind closed doors, sexual positions have been adhered to, people might have been crippled in the name of pleasure, and Carpet burn has seen knees darken as friction excites other vital organs yet causes superficial damage to others, Skin has been subjected to hot candle wax, chocolate and whipped cream have been defrosted and a smear campaign in the name of pleasure took its own journey, I can go on and on, dropping hints ,some will make you laugh and others will make you cringe wondering why are we doing this to ourselves , what do we get out of it? The act its self comes attached with pleasurable pains breading masochism and exposing sadism (BUT THATS ANOTHER TOPIC ALL TOGETHER).


Thabile’s outcry kept ringing in my head. A whore in bed, a whore in bed and it made me think of one area that has been discussed in lengthy details yet sketchy images applies as I feel that the complete Anatomy has not been properly addressed and that is the clitoris itself (Wikipedia describes a clitoris as a sexual organ that is present only in female mammals).

Ladies this little piece of your body may hold all the answers to your questions and outcry in another topic discussion will discuss Manual operation in detail but today we talking ‘shopping for your clitorises

Call it Kinky, Erotic, Exotic, Brave, Crazy, call it what may suit your coping mechanism of what I am going to tell you but the ‘Ring’ is here to stay.

CLITORAL HOOD PIERCING (Female genital piercing)

A lot of times I am subjected to having to listen to Ladies complaining about Orgasm and the lack of satisfaction regardless of what their partner does, ladies just can’t get enough or just as she is about to explode and be engulfed in a world of spasms and screams coupled with short breaths, toe curling, Nail digging, heart palpitating memoirs his tongue/finger/ shaft disappoints & misses the spot reducing and minimizing the sensual meltdown which was just on the verge of taking you placed ,your mama yet to paint.<

He might not even have noticed the pleasurable crime he has robbed your senses out of and you dutifully brush it aside not wanting to hurt his ego and also not knowing how to describe to him what you almost had (and we know almost doesn’t count).


This is a diverse not really talked about sexual practise and it’s unfortunate I won’t be able to cover all areas in this article (to be continued?). From the cultural point of view, which I still believe its unfortunate that most cultures don’t support genital pride (don’t get me started on clitoris mutilation that women are subjected to robbing them of any sensation in the name of culture).


But this one Ladies and Gentleman

-I’m so blushing d(‘-‘)b

This is the answer to all your never answered questions, always wondering what I am doing wrong. Why can I never please her? Where to touch/lick and how long should I touch/lick? And most importantly, how do I manipulate and lubricate her tunnel without roofing giving you results so slippery and ready to accommodate your 45 colt?


A clitoral hood piercing is a female genital piercing through the clitoral hood surrounding the clitoris. There are two main kinds of hood piercing, the vertical clitoral hood piercing and horizontal clitoral hood piercing. As the name indicates, the difference is in the direction the piercing is orientated in the skin above the clitoris itself. The Triangle piercing is the combination of VCH and HCH.

Like most piercings, these piercing have relatively short healing times, due to the amount of blood flow to the area. The concept behind female genital piercings (as with men) is to enhance stimulation and arousal (Multiple Orgasm, Sensation) plus dressing up the area (beauty and appreciation).

Types of piercings

  • Vertical clitoral hood piercing- VHC
  • Horizontal clitoral hood piercing- HCH
  • Triangle piercing
  • Inner Labia
  • Outer Labia

‘This is a bout pleasure, stimulation and celebrating the body’

‘My opinion ‘

Like any other field, chores, routes, directions, skills, Installations, implementations, etc, we must first understand what it is that we dealing with. Is it just an act on its own that matters (you in and out and that it?) or is it the overall package (preparations, actions, sensations, stimulations, visual stimuli, etc).

Do we have an understanding of what SEX is all about or have we resorted to its main benefits ‘release of tension and instant booster via pleasure’.

Ladies how far would you go to make sure you are sexually satisfied, and even if it means a short period of healing time with long-term benefits of spasms with or without his object-thrust.

Men what measures will you enforce to make sure that by pleasing her sexually you know the end results is your pleasure just to see her being pleasured, pleasures you and she reciprocates with pleasure of needing to pleasure you and both of you are pleasuring each other in the name of pleasure, all you hear is PLEASURE, PLEASURE, PLEASURE (please stand up if you had enough pleasure & you don’t want no more).

Whether you whip that body or craft pigments into your skin if not ‘Nailing a ring to it’, the decision and exploration of various sexual field waiting to be explored and brought to life depends on your perceptions about SEX and its endless pleasurable possibility.

How far are we willing to go just to scream Gods name? Sex is a blessing to those who have the secret ingredient of touch therapy and an in-depth understanding (knowledge is power) of ‘it’s not what you do but how you do it that matters’.

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