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Interview – Mr. Moses Msiza – CEO of Seasonal IT Solutions

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We at Young Money decided to be more practical about the issue of the youth making that money, thus have made it a priority to showcase some of the young movers and shakers you should watch out for.

We are now proud to present to you Mr. Moses Msiza AKA: “BIG MOSS”, young as he is, representing the nations’ innovators and entrepreneurs of the current day at the highest corporate levels. More to come on such produce; Watch the space!


Brief Company Background of Seasonal IT Solutions

Seasonal IT Solutions cc, was founded in 2002 but formally registered in 2003.Considering the background of the managing member, Moses Msiza, with his interest in electrical engineering and designing, he had a vision to establish an organization that will handle related projects

Current Invented project: Intelligent Traffic Control

Project type: Electrical, electronics and ICT

Intelligent traffic lights are basically the kind of traffic lights that will be able to alert motorist as to what speed to approach traffic intersections when they are just 2 seconds open so as to avoid start and stop.

The systems will also be able to operate even during power blackouts using a combination of dc batteries and inverters so as to eliminate traffic jam.

The product will also be able to process traffic in a very logical way using a combination of smart sensors, surveillance cameras as to allow free flow of traffic by accommodating and adjusting the digital timer automatically during peak hours to allow more flow of cars by opening extra seconds depending on the number of cars counted within a particular zone


YM – Can you tell us a bit about your background, what were you doing before current position and where to next?

Moses – I grew up in the dusty streets of Attredgeville and later relocated to Lotus Gardens, studied electrical engineering at the former Witwatersrand Technikon now UJ. I was an assistant manager at one of CSIR units. I see myself leading an organization that practically stimulate new sectors and actively encourage black entrepreneurs’ participation in a structured way and pushing black entrepreneurs not to rely on BEE integration into the mainstream economy but actively participate on the starting line of emerging sectors.

YM -What’s the biggest threat to your industry and activities?

Moses – The one thing that has been a visible threat to emerging entrepreneurs is finance policies that are currently in place especially for technical entrepreneurs which tend to favor those who have collateral thus creating an invisible barrier to capable entrepreneurs.

YM -Can you tell us what inspired you to do what you do as a profession?

Moses – Initially when I went into business I had the need to own my time, do what I am passionate about and still earn a living.

YM -A prestigious man of your caliber is scarce; among your achievements which moment in your life makes you most proud?

Moses – Well going abroad and representing South Africa on a trade show in China displaying S.A technologies.

YM -Did you have a particular person you looked up to while growing up/ still have? If so who?

Moses – I used to look up to my cousin who was clued up about many things that I was interested in.

YM -How do you know when to keep fighting or to cut bait?

Moses – I keep on fighting when I am in a dark bridge cause I hope to eventually reach the light and cut my loses when I am in a hole.

YM -What inspires you?

Moses – Reaching my full potential.

YM -What keeps you awake at night?

Moses – Dying before I self actualize.

YM -Who helped you the most in getting you to where you are today?

Moses – My family has been very supportive throughout.

YM -How much vacation time do you take each year?

Moses – No time for vacation yet as an entrepreneur if you have money that’s when you have time.

YM -What is your benchmark of success? When did you reach it?

Moses – Having a company that employs more than 10 000 employees, not reached yet work in progress.

YM -At this point, does money still motivate you?

Moses – Yes it still does but mostly the thought of seeing a project through.

YM -Describe your life in five words.

Moses – Simple, Practical, Humble, Adventurous and Fulfilling.

YM -What will be the new retirement age for 2009 grads?

Moses – I would say 31years if they embrace the culture of entrepreneurship.

YM -Finish this sentence: South Africa is alive with possibilities because…

Moses – It is developing and there is so much to do so many projects to undertake.

YM -Should the government have a say on executive compensation?

Moses – No

YM -Gold: Hoard it, trade it or avoid it?

Moses – Trade it.

YM -You have R100 million to spend in real estate, what do you buy and where?

Moses – I would buy a mansion along the coast (Durban or Cape Town).

YM -You wake up dead broke tomorrow–what do you do?

Moses – I start typing another proposal.

YM -By the time a trend appears in the mainstream press, is it too late for investors to capitalize on it?

Moses – Most of the time.

YM -What 21st-century invention (discovered or not) has the greatest potential to change our lives?

Moses – A chemical process that will be able to produce electricity in a form of nuclear fission because currently we are using nuclear fusion to generate electricity with nuclear fission the chemical combustion can go on forever like stars.

YM -Do you have a business beyond your current employment / do you intend going into business for yourself?

Moses – Yes, I am busy exploring the concept of an Nonprofit organization that is meant to assist technical entrepreneurs.

YM -If so which business(es)?

Moses – NPO

YM -What’s the biggest business blunder you’ve ever made, and what did you learn from it?

Moses – Try and venture into a sector that I did not have relevant expertise in, I learned that no matter how lucrative an opportunity might look if you do not have the knowhow do not experiment cause you will rely on others to see it through and even worse on them to set the standard because you do not know how to do it.

YM -How can an enthusiastic competent entrepreneur with a sound business concept and no security, raise capital?

Moses – Pray for a miracle!!! Just joking (but do give it a try). Well it is not easy but there are entities that will fund a concept only if it is viable and people must not get to emotionally attached to concepts if three institutions conduct due diligence and it does not qualify it’s probably not going to make you money even if you finance it from your pocket.

YM -What’s the one thing every first-time entrepreneur should know?

Moses – Whatever you do make sure is something you have experience on.

YM -What advice would you give to entrepreneurs on making the right partnerships?

Moses – Do not go into partnerships with companies that might swallow you’re company rather partner with companies on the same level as you.

YM -Is it advisable for entrepreneurs to keep a controlling stake rather than a complete buyout, what are your thoughts?

Moses – It is advisable to keep controlling stake in your company as the third party might only be interested in making immediate money thus detour the company’s business plan.

YM -Would you be keen to assist an upcoming entrepreneur that suits your level of engagement and competency?


YM -Any last words or advice for young entrepreneurs?

Moses – There are no shortcuts in this path; it is a long and complex route. I am still on it but the rewards are fulfilling.

YM -What do you think of Consciousness Young Money? (https://www.consciousness.co.za/ youngmoney.php)

Moses – It is a well informative site especially for entry entrepreneurs

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