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Isiah Rashad – The Suns Tirade Review

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8 Dope!

The lyrics are honest and so is Rashads style, when you know everything he says on the album is true and at least an honest depiction of how he sees the world.

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Before we get into the music let me introduce you to Isiah Rashad. Isiah Rashad is the latest artist to have signed with TDE, joining the likes of Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q and Ab Soul.  This has meant from the moment he signed he had to deal with the pressures of being label mates with some of the greatest rappers of our generation.

A couple years ago Rashad hit us with his debut project called Cilvia Demo, generated some buzz and then disappeared for the next two years.  His back and in my opinion better than ever.

I have to say there were three albums I was really looking forward to hearing in 2016, this, Tory Lanez debut and Mick Jenkins debut. All artists I have being following for years.

The album is 17 tracks long including a spoken intro and a bonus track and runs just shy of 80 minutes.  The album is not a conceptual album like Kendicks GKMC or School Boy Q’s BlackFace LP, however after listening to the album a few times you do get the an underlining theme which is be proud of who  you are as a person and never be afraid to let that shine.

Rashads beat selection for this album was impeccable and that is a key component to this album, everything seems organic. As it was not simply about choosing a dope beat but a beat that brings out Rashads style as well as keeping to the mellow mood of the album.  This is best personified by the lyrics of track 4 Rope/Rosegold “I make music for the vibers”.

Some of the stand out tracks are, Park, Free lunch, What’s wrong. Was really hard to pick my favourites because I enjoyed the entire project.  So if you are like me and still enjoy the Hip-hop for the art and not the theatrics and gimmicks then please give this a listen, I promise you will not be disappointed.  #dontdiemynigger

Find him on Soundcloud:


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