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Kings, Kings, Kings – I wonder why they receiving a salary. What is that salary for? What are they doing for us? Maybe they are paid for being part of the system that is destroying Africa? What is their duty to us? Some people they say their duty is to preserve our culture and i wonder which culture they are preserving if not preserving white supremacy? Our culture is dying right under their noses, our customs are vanishing just right under their noses, our languages are perishing just right under their noses, our African education system is also perishing just under their noses, we are landless and they know that. What is the duty of this so called Kings and why are we paying them?
There is nothing positive that i know about them except that they are western themselves. Our kings were the first to be captured by the system. They were the first to be converted to Christianity and they then converted the whole nation to a foreign religion. Most of the current kings are not the legitimate kings they conspired with the oppressors to kill real kings who were resisting the oppressors. Some of African kings were also involved in selling their subjects as slaves. There is nothing African about most of these kings, they are 100% western. They even come in our gathering wearing suits with just a skin on top of the suits and then address us in European languages. Most of these kings are not afraid to tell us that they are Christians worshiping a foreign god. African Spirituality is almost dead and they are busy promoting foreign religions like Christianity and Islami. There are very few Africans who knows about our spirituality especially our special days which are sacred to us as black people, they are busy promoting foreign holidays like Easter, Good Friday, happy New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day etc.
Among the holidays in South Africa there is not even one holiday that speaks about us as Africans its like we do not exist yet there are European holidays in the calendar. A calendar for Africans with no African holidays? Yet they claim to be free. Yet the very same African holiday is full of European holidays, that is an insult to us Africans. The kings are there saying nothing about that they also follow the western holidays. We do have spiritual and sacred days not only the political days like the June 16. We hear about special days for Indians, Chinese and Jews yet we hear nothing about special African days yet this is Africa. Its like we are not existing in the land of our forefathers we follow everything and we have forsaken what is ours.
The kings are just happy that they are receiving grants from their subjects. A nation will never be great and be respected by following other nations religions and culture indeed true greatness comes from within. We cannot be able to fight even poverty whiles following other nations culture and religions. Considering the way we are doing now we shall continue to be slaves for all nations because we have lost what is ours and decided to be followers of other nations. We have been betrayed by our kings, they are useless. A king in Africa was the custodian of our culture and also the one who is like a high priest to our spirituality they have a very important role in most of our spiritual rituals. They must always work hand in hand with spiritual head of the nation and be at peace with the God of their nation. The High priest of the nation the one who hears directly from the gods is the one who is suppose to crown a king. The king also acts as the High priest of the nation in some instances that is why they were known to be the mouth that does not speak lies (umlomo ongatsetsi manga).
African Spirituality cannot function well without a king, in fact African families are build upon the kingship foundation. At home we have the father as the king (Inkhosi) and he is the one who speaks to the ancestors and burn incenses (impepho) because not everyone at home can do that. We have the mother as the Great King (Inkhosikati) the son as a young king (Inkhosana) and the daughter as the young great king (Inkhosatane). All these have their special role in the spiritually at home. In Africa we respect women and we do not abuse them that’s why the woman is called the great king but I will write about woman’s rights in culture one day. We don’t compete at home we complement. Without our kings African Spirituality will not function well because its based on kingship not democracy. In England there is the Queen and the Bishop of Canterbury who is also the high priest of the nation. Let me end here for now. Politicians will never free Africans they were captured long ago together with the current kings.
Right now we are facing the so called pandemic, kings are also locked inside their houses by their own subjects. They are also fooled by the media and government to believe in the propaganda about the so called virus. They have become spokes-persons of their own subjects saying the very same things that the government is saying, they cannot question anything from the government because they fear to lose their grants. They are subjected under the roman-dutch laws and have no voice, but are satisfied by grants. Any person who’s mind is not on lock down will see that the issue of corona virus is the second greatest lie after the lies of Jesus in fact it’s a scam like the scam of Jesus Christ. Even the government ministers are contradicting themselves concerning this so called pandemic .That is why it will kill only the unknown, not those who are acting the disease like the celebrities and the high profile people. Kings are also being fooled together with all the people by the WHO which has their own agenda to set a new world order and push their vaccines.
Unfortunately our king will be vaccinated together with us they will never stand against the government. After all this is just a normal flu that is not deadly that’s why most of the people with it are recovering on their own without any medication. It kills only the elderly and those who were already terminal ill about to die. Our people just need to strengthen their immune systems as they are supposed to with the common flu which kills more people yearly than even the so called corona virus. During flu season most of people who were and are having AIDS are dying because their immune system was already compromised by AIDS but their cause of death was certified as killed by AIDS not flu but now they can be certified as dead by corona virus. Now even if you are killed by a car accident but you had tested positive with the virus they will say you died from corona virus. Mainstream media and government are always pushing a propaganda together with the kings. If you want accurate information check it somewhere else. SIYINDUNA MAPOPO RAMPANE.
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