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Open Letter to The Head of State – President Cyril Ramaphosa

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OPEN LETTER – 27 April 2018


Head of State: Republic of South Africa, Union Buildings – Pretoria

Dear President Ramaphosa


This dossier of letters will adequately inform your understanding of the central issue we bring before you, specifically as Head of State. The Constitutional Court informs us that the Head of State is sufficiently resourced, empowered and obliged, to investigate any matter that may threaten the security of the State, because, as Head of State, you occupy a position that is “indispensable to the effective governance of our democratic country.”

Mr President, your duty has been made easier by the fact that Rob Davies, Minister in the DTI, with political accountability for the National Gambling Act, the Registrar of Companies and the National Lotteries Commission has been retained in your cabinet. Rob Davies must account for statutory law that brings into existence a Juristic Person; one empowered to sue or be sued.  Given this narrowed focus, we draw attention to my prison sentence, ordered by Keightley AJ, in Case Number 37609/2014 GLD JHB. Our challenge on the jurisdiction of the court rested entirely on the non-existence of the applicant that has been parading as: The South African Apartheid Museum At Freedom Park, bearing UNIQUE Registration No: 2001/019108/08, for 17 years. My imprisonment could have been avoided if I had apologised and disavowed, under my own hand. the law and evidence which shows that Gold Reef City Casino is a coterie of racists and non-white slaves; criminals, liars, fraudsters and thieves. I chose prison.

A PUBLIC LICENSE belongs to all the people of South Africa. Taxpayers financed probity checks on aspiring casino license owners. The Gauteng Gambling Board, led by Senior Advocates Maleka and Semenya with CEO Jacques Booysen unlawfully finalised the Gold Reef City Casino License after granting authority to a contractor under the name, The South African Apartheid Museum At Freedom Park, UNIQUE Registration No: 2001/019108/08. JSC Complaint 489/2016, submitted to Justice Minister Masutha, emphasises the point that every person designated an Officer of the Court, is duty bound to ensure that our judiciary, post 1994, is not under the control of racists, like Solly and Abe Krok; the initiators of this non-existent entity with George Bizos SC as a Director. The Republic is under threat.

The individuals who hold fiduciary responsibility for the Gold Reef City Casino License are Directors of Akani Egoli (Pty) Ltd, Akani Egoli Management (Pty) Ltd and Gold Reef Resorts Ltd. Parliament’s representatives on the JSC, tasked with oversight on the judiciary, should have taken special note of the fact that Mojapelo DJP, a Director of Akani Egoli Management, is one among other owners of the Gold Reef City Casino License who averred under oath that The South African Apartheid Museum At Freedom Park, UNIQUE Registration No: 2001/019108/08, is incorporated in compliance with the Companies Act 61 of 1973 and is constitutionally empowered to sue or be sued.  Mojapelo DJP handpicked every judge of the High Court. Without precedent in trademark infringement, not one judge, in 17 years, granted us leave to appeal. Keightley AJ, a White woman, serving a violent judiciary of savages, extended imprisonment that began in the court of Southwood J on FRIDAY 20 June 2003.

Head of State, the duty before you and Parliament of ALL the people, is to account for laws promulgated for the effective governance of our democratic country. In this instance, it is primarily the Income Tax Act read with the Companies Act 61 of 1973 and the Trademarks Act. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international law, tourists worldwide are as much victims of this racist fraud as we are. Our IRBA dossier, submitted to the Minister of Tourism, SA National Editors Forum and SA Human Rights Commission, emphasises a moral and legal duty to inform tourists that they finance racism and fraud on every occasion that they enter that casino edifice; the absolute personification of colonial apartheid racism.


It is the period of 17 years that demonstrates savagery, violence, torture and inhumanity in the fraudulent dispossession of the intellectual property of a single Black family. The evidence reveals all three tiers of government and media in collusion with White Supremacists. The case of The Apartheid Museum™ trademark, considered with other gross human rights violations in our country over the past 24 years, points to a costuming of political power.  Crystal clear statutory law, ignored for 17 years, we submit, constitutes a violation of the oath of office in all three spheres of government. The promise of land expropriation, constitutionally entrenched or not, cannot be guaranteed while the judiciary, under government led by the ANC, remains a criminal syndicate of racists and non-white slaves engaged in the dispossession of Black property. We educate a cognitive understanding of the savagery of racism.

The Apartheid Museum™ New Landscape New Images: 1977-2018

“The Apartheid Museum shall act as a catalyst in restoring the psychological health and balance of a people destroyed by apartheid. This need for psychological redress is the primary challenge facing The Apartheid Museum.”


I am a Black person as defined in the lexicon of the Black Consciousness Movement. Black people are those who are, by law or tradition, politically oppressed, economically exploited and socially discriminated against and who identify as a unit in the struggle towards their aspirations to create a free and egalitarian society” (Willis J, shares his colonial view of history took it upon himself to conduct a race classification test from the bench. He settled on one of the many derogatory labels his forebears created for Afrikans. See Case No:10152/08 GLD JHB)

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