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Consciousness caught up with an interesting lady by the name of Lukhanyiso Kona, a young lady from the Eastern Cape, now based in Jo’burg.


She has taken a fresher perspective on how fashion should sell to young fashionable people. Here’s what she says:

So tell us, who is lukhanyiso kona?

Well lukhanyiso hails from a small town in the eastern cape called uitenhage…after high school I went to Pretoria to study law at the university of pta…I worked for Greenpeace Africa for six months and during this time I got inspired by a friend of my to start the project and that’s how …old skul classics…”ivintage yakho” was born…

Why sell vintage clothing?

First of all I am inspired by the fashion industry as a form of expression, as an art on its own…but the use genuine fabric inspired me more and conserving these fabrics in the 21st century. And vintage clothing is just expressing yourself as an individual and also conserving fashion fabrics, trends and threads in the best possible way.

Who is your market?

I have a very broad market from those individuals who love only vintage clothing, and are inspired by it, and those who love the trends and want to give it a 21st century feel; mix and match. So as much as there is no stringent market, as long as the inspiration is there, therefore the market exists. That is why I use the phrase “ivintage yakho”, which means ‘Your Vintage’ in my home language, Xhosa.

Are your planning on extending to other markets?

I would love to extend my market to everybody that is inspire individual all over the country to get in touch with what express them as individuals conserving the old-school classics and, as extension of their cultural self.

What is your long term plan with your venture?

In the next 2 years old school-classics will be seen in your markets, at festivals as well as a brand that you see on the streets. This will not only bring about the clothing but I would like this to extend into a lifestyle, in which young people are inspired to think about fashion as a way to cultivate their culture and celebrate the vintage clothing, taking into consideration the fabrics, each thread and each pattern that went into making each individual item…because ”ivintage yakho” is an extension of you.

How are you different from other clothing sellers/ traders?

With my clients, I offer pieces that are individualistic. So no item is the same as the next. Each item has been well taken care of and still in their original condition. Very fine detail has been put into the thread, fabrics and pattern. I also offer advice on how to put the pieces together to create the ultimate you.

How affordable are your items on sale?

They are much affordable. They range from R50 up until R250, but this solely depends on what the items are. So I also have in mind that my market is still young.

Others use fashion as a form of expression, others as just dressing in clothes, how important do you thing fashion is? Can clothing be more than just clothing?

Yes fashion is often misinterpreted as something that needs to be followed religiously.” Follow the trend” or “jump off the bandwagon”. To me, fashion means more than that. It is an extension of yourself, a means of expression, so as an individual it is important to ensure that when getting dressed every day, one must remember that it is not about the person on the streets, it is about you as an individual and how you feel at that point. Make it yours, that is why I stress “ivintage yakho” as a motto of old-school classics.

What are your favourite items for this season? The ones from your collection & generally.

The dress, brooches, lace and bold buttons for your vests, shirts, bold coloured sling bags and the harem pants …

What must everyone own in their wardrobe this spring?

The old-school summer dress and sling bag with SPARTAN inspired gladiator shoes.

Who is your fashion icon?

My mother.  The pictures of her before we happened, always inspire me to go back to that era and celebrate fashion in its entirety..

What should we look forward to from you?

Surprises…everyday brings something unique worth appreciating and making it yours.

Where is your business based?

I Am a travelling saleswoman so in a suitcase, Metrorail,   and soon a vintage model car…I always in the Melville area where I got my inspiration but can get just about anywhere.
How can people contact you?

I am on facebook as lukhanyiso kona, as well as via e-mail lukhanyiso_999@yahoo.com or call 0733529680 on my cell…”old skul classics” is coming through with its own facebook group but technology is still a challenge.

Please give us your best ‘fashion quote’ that you live by…..

“iVintage yakho” make its yours

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