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Thanks for nothing Cell C

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When you’re in trouble, serious trouble, like your heart is about to stop, you need people around you that you can count on. Cell C is not that people. Cell C likes to call itself a service provider. They provide the service of keeping people in contact with each other for reasonable fees. However, when I really needed Cell C to provide their service, they did not. And when I tried to use the channels to ask about getting the service that I am paying for, I was ignored. For this reason I am leaving Cell C and I would like to take a lot of their customers with me. I’m sick of being treated like I’m worthless because I’m a pay-as-you-go customer and not some big corporate. There are more of us than there are of you. We pay your salaries. But I want to pay the salary of someone who at least has a sense of urgency about my legitimate needs. So bye, Cell C. It’s been less than great.

My husband is in hospital recovering from surgery and on Saturday evening he urgently needed to speak to me. His calls to me went straight to voice mail, and I had no idea that he had even called me. I still haven’t received the notifications, two days later. I called Cell C and was told that there was a 5 minute limit on the conversation. I was led from automated voice to automated voice. I was told to wait for an operator. The call timed out. I was with a friend and my husband and I were able to communicate on her phone. I was afraid to go away from her phone because he wouldn’t be able to contact me. And I have a contract with Cell C.

My son has just started at high school. He walks home, but the times vary depending on whatever activity he’s involved in. At times, I want to speak to my son to find out if he needs anything and if he is ok. His phone automatically goes to voice mail.

It is not possible to use the channels that cell c supposedly provides to their customers because there’s nobody there. It’s all automated voices and there is no sense of care or connection with their customers. A mail left on the Cell C about this issue has not even been acknowledged two days later. Clearly Cell C does not care at all.

Good bye Cell C. I don’t know if there are any other service providers who could guarantee better communication. After all, that’s what mobile communication is all about. But the only thing you care about is your pockets. You should call yourselves Cell Bucks – because you don’t hire enough human beings for your call centres. Or enough customer liaison people to respond to your webpage. You are greedy and I hope that your greed destroys your enterprise and one day you realise that if it wasn’t for people, you wouldn’t exist. People make your enterprise. So you’d better put us at to top of your list of priorities.

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